Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Everybody get ready!!

So Christmas is coming .............are you ready?? Of course, I'm about 7 months behind but, I'm ready to tackle my assignment to make this a great Christmas.Having a broken neck sure gives preparation a whole new twist. Harper.......our great granddaughter is setting the pace with a few Christmas carols. OK , if she can do can I. I think the first order of business is to get my wreath out on the porch. Let's see what I can find in the cellar that would look just right. This will be the year of making the best of what we have in house seeing as how I am unable to jump in the car and head to my local store for supplies....................Be back tomorrow to show you what I was able to scrounge up............said the Hobbit. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The exciting!

This year my garden was amazing!!!Despite the fact that we got started late, had an episode with deer and went weeks without rain, my little garden just kept on giving and giving.Last week I picked carrots for our "big dinner" Potatoes were already harvested. So, cut those veggies up along with onions from my local farmer. Never thought of planting onions..........what was I thinking?
Put half a chicken on top and slathered it with raspberry peach jam.........yum.Popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes per pound and voila!! My local dinner.
Just the right thing to make me feel like I'm getting things done. I'll tell you ........after being laid up for a few months there is nothing so satisfying as being able to do it yourself. The jam added just the right amount of sweet to the meal. And of course the fact that I had preserved it myself just boosted my self esteem to no end. Pretty crazy huh?Doesn't take a trip to the Bahamas to get me excited.
 So, tomorrow is Veterans Day and with that in mind I ask that you thank at least one veteran for the pleasures that you are enjoying. Just a simple thank you will be enough to put a smile on their face. After all, they have done so much for you....................said the hobbit.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

look mom no heel !!

I love to knit.............and, knowing the history behind a project is even more intriguing to me.Recently I was given a copy of the magazine Piecework where I read about"Operation Kid Knit" 
In 1953 a young officer serving in Korea told his parents of the lack of socks mittens and sweaters that the children were in need of. His parents had a yarn shop in Asbury Park N.J. and touched by their sons plea, got to work on correcting the situation as only knitters can.Working with the Korean authorities soon styles and patterns were created that would feel comfortable to the young children.                                                                                              

It wasn't long before the Ladies Home Journal was involved as were the Girls Scouts of America. Now all they needed was a simple pattern that would let everyone who wanted to help, get those needles knocking.The sock pattern was a tube sock and although it doesn't look like much when not being worn.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I think it looks absolutely marvelous when you slip it on.
What made this such fun was the fact that it has NO HEEL.......All you ladies and gentlemen who would love to tackle socks if only you didn't have to knit the dreaded heel........this project could bring you one step closer.
The project calls for 2 oz of main color and 1 oz of contrasting color
Using #2 double pointed  cast on 48 stitches divide on 3 needles to form a circle.
K2 P2  till you have 4 rows then change color (if you wish) to make stripes .If you want to go with just one color I think 20-24 rows makes a nice cuff. Of course write you choice down so that sock #2 is the same.
Now for the pattern:                                                                                                                                     Round 1 thru 4: Knit 4 Purl 4

Round  5 thru 8 knit 3 *p4 k4*  ending with k1 

Round 9thru 12 knit 2 *p4 k4*ending with k2

Round 13 thru 16 k1 *p4 k4*ending with k3

Round 17 thru 20(a change here)*Purl 4 Knit 4*

Round 21 thru 24 Purl 3 *K4 P4* ending with p1

Round 25 thru 28 p2 *K4 P4* ending with p2

Rounds 29 thru32 p1 *K4 P4* ending with p3
So, you are simple moving the pattern over 1 stitch every 4 rows Repeat these 32 rows until the sock is as long as you want it They suggest Small 12 inches ,medium 17 inches and large 18 inches. I wanted them knee lenght so I repeated the 32 rows 5 times.Then knit every row for about an inch and shape the toe:
Knit 6,,,,,,,,,,knit 2 together repeat to end
knit 2 rows even
knit 5 knit 2 together repeat to end
knit 2 rows even
continue decreasing in this manner till you have 18 stitches remaining place remaining stitches on 2 needles and finish with Kitchener or sew together.
So hope some bravehearts might be willing to tackle this project and feel better about the terrifying sock.Feel free to ask any questions . I want to see everyone out there with a pair of handknit socks
                                                                                                       ........said the hobbit!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Something the garden.

So........having been through a rather nasty car accident, I found myself with time to research my healing process. I am very self sufficient and I was pretty determined to get it done in what my doctors declared to be amazing.
All has been going as planned and at my last check-up I was told " I just don't feel right having you come back here every month just to tell you your recovery is moving beyond expectation" Not bad........right?I discovered an Heirloom seed of Tulsi tea, also known in India as "Sacred Tea" This tea is known to aid the immune system and the digestive organs. Having nothing but time on my hands I decided to give it a try. The scent from this basil is amazing.......and that's what the deer thought as well. Yes, when it first started to come up they came running to have a nibble.Well, we were going to put a stop to that. Deer are guided by their sense of smell when looking for a tasty treat. I soaked a rag in ammonia and set it out by the basil.Yup, that did the trick. Soon my Tulsi basil was back on track.The tea is as good as they say. I brew it with a slice of ginger and look forward to my daily cup. It could be all in my mind but, I think this is pretty special. Looking for something new and easy to add to the garden? Consider this gem of a tea ........grows easily in the full sun and can make even the most novice garden feel like they have 10 green thumbs.......Really!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Still breathing!!!

Well it's been a long time.............Summer was difficult. After a terrible car accident I am starting to get back to "normal living". The garden has been put to bed,however, the kale carrots radishes and lettuce seem to be thriving on the cold snap that we received. Who knew!!
 So, of course, my thoughts go to the kitchen.....We enjoy having munchies for Friday night supper. Made these crackers One batch lemon pepper and the other rosemary. Will stuff a few eggs and take out the smoked oysters..........Should I go with a red or a white wine???