Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From the heart........the S&B girls

Inspiration...........yup, that's how this story started. A few months ago, I watched a local program that highlighted a Manchester, N.H. women who had recently completed assembling a bundle for a soon-to-be-mom, who could use a helping hand. I can't recall exactly how many she had made but, believe me it was in the thousands.I have a group of friends who meet every Tuesday to Stitch or Bitch at their leisure and as I related the story, we thought............We can do at least one gift basket for a new mom in need of a helping hand.
So I bought a large container and thought I'd see what we could do to fill it.

 My friends didn't disappoint me......handmade sweaters,booties,helpful books, onesies,warm mittens for mom.......
 Our oh so talented seamstress Gisele made baby sacks with matching receiving blankets

and of course, matching burp cloths. How cute is that!!!
 Bubble rompers,holiday wear............
                                             a little intro to Minnie Mouse
Newborn hat teething ring handmade washcloths baby shampoo and baby lotion, wipes,gift card from Target for diapers or whatever mom needs Coffee cozy to help keep her morning coffee warm. We all know it will be a while before she can have that coffee in one sitting.
A few more outfits to grow on
not to mention the never enough sleepwear

Now the basket is full............and ready to go.
Of course, can't forget much love from all who participated in giving someone a helping hand.