Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking in the Pantry

As you know raspberry season is hot and heavy in New England. I always pick way too many and have to scramble to make room for the new crop.I don't know why but, being out of our local fruit is a scary thing to me. Having picked to my heart's content I now feel safe using up the remainder of last years crop.Last year I ran across this recipe for using up frozen fruit and couldn't wait to try it.I have to admit it's a bit time consuming but..........the results are oh so yummy.You can find the recipe HERE
The dough is a sweet yeast dough and requires 2 rises. The first is 2 hours then you make a sweet filling using frozen fruit. Not crazy about raspberries ? Don't let that stop you. You can use any fruit you wish.The top photo is the second rise which is another 2 hours. I thought mine were going to fail as they didn't seem to be quite pouffy enough.

But when all was said and done they look just fine. But, the taste.......oh my God, it was heavenly, and ,the best part? It made 16 huge rolls which I froze in groups of 4 so now I can have that special treat any time I want...................said the hobbit

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Do you try to shop local? I take so long to make a purchase that I usually talk myself out of making a purchase.Last winter I felt we really needed a new blanket for our bed and so the search began. I went to every bed and linen store in the area,only to find most of the blankets of poor quality or inferior fabric. As usual I was looking for something just as good as my mother would have purchased.
My search ended at the farmer's market..........That's right, while shopping for my potatoes, I came across Liz of RIVERSLEA FARMS and right there on the shelf was the perfect blanket just waiting for me. Not only was the quality exactly what I was looking for but, the wool comes from her sheep which is then woven in Prince Edward Island at the MAC AUSLAND'S Woollen Mills The blanket met all the qualifications I was looking for and then some.

Hubby was happy that I finally made a commitment to purchase, Lucky for us we had a mild winter last year. I finally bought my blanket at the end of February and it was a great buy. Liz told me it was machine washable and that I could lay it on the grass to dry. Don't know if the neighbors are quite ready for that.

Our knitter's are not slacking in the creativity area........check out this purse.It hangs around your neck so that your hands are free to shop, feel yarn, measure fabric. The sleeve goes up and down to reveal 2 pockets and a credit card sleeve.

If you think this might be just what you're looking for just contact my friend CYNTHIA and she'll let you know what she has available.

This last item was done by Cindi for her cruise trip.She wanted a lightweight bag just big enough to carry yarn and needles for sock making. Not wanting to carry scissors she found that little medallion that doubled as a thread cutter. It was perfect........light and compact. We all have craft bag that might make someone think we are bag ladies getting ready to leave home for a month or so. Both of my friends have reminded me to only carry what you need for your day. My back and shoulders really appreciate the lesson............said the hobbit

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Bittyful Friday


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Now what are my people up to?

Several years ago I decided to step up my interest in being self sufficient. Having a farmers heritage frugality was well ingrained in me. The children were all grown and doing their own things and the thought of spending my time creating whatever I needed was very tempting. Of course I soon discovered that some of my wants were totally unnecessary and that was the first step in my journey. Then in an effort to learn some new skills I met some amazing people.One of these people is the very talented Carol Caldwell. After a divorce she was looking for a hobby that would tap her creative juices and free her mind to move forward.Well.......she sure picked the right art for her talents and patience. She has chosen a loom reminiscent of the "old way",just like grandma would have done.She works her patterns in miniature before settling on the final design.She is still learning and excited about every new project. Just ask Carol,"How does this work" and be prepared for a lesson in weaves and warps that will have your head spinning.

This finished product is a towel or wall hanging. I say that because there is nothing that she likes better than to see her weaving used in the way they were intended.They are done in the finest cotton available to her and if you ever had to dry anything with today's dishcloths you know what I'm talking about.I am most fortunate to have found her on my journey. Occasionally she is in a local craft fair but, that is the extent of her marketing.When she has  "free" time you most likely will find her taking courses at our local college to keep her grey matter going.All I can say is AMAZING.

And here is one of my latest creations. Not nearly as impressive but an attempt at expanding my knowledge none the less.Here is what's different about these socks. For the knitters out there who hate creating a flap and then picking up stitches on either side this is perfect.Working on 32 stitches or half  of all the stitches on your needle work in short rows as follows: knit to last stitch and bring yarn forward as if you were going to purl.Pass the stitch onto your needle and turn your work to start a new row. So if you started with 32  your first row will be to knit to 31 your second row will be to knit to 30 wrapping the last stitch and starting a new row after each W&T (wrap and turn). When you have 8 stitches left unwrapped it is time to reverse the process. Now you will knit 8 and wrap next row knit 9 and wrap until all you are right back where you started. And that is exactly were you will be with your other stitches waiting for you to pick up where you left off. Just a matter of knitting your foot to desired lenght.

My next project will be a shawl. I've been checking out  patterns and I'm tempted by the one Betty has started. However this one from (click on ) CLARA  was something a mother should be only too proud to show and tell.......said the hobbit

Friday, July 13, 2012

It's a Bitttyful Friday

I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU...........BEHAVE!  Has anyone ever said that to you?

Monday, July 9, 2012


We have 2 strawberry seasons in this area. Early and later.This year the first season was during a heat wave. Only the very brave wander into the field to do their own picking.I was one of the few. The 2 days that I chose to pick were both 95 degree days.But Lord how I wanted those berries.
If you have ever picked strawberries you know there is no shade in sight
A large hat and a strong back are definitely a plus.You do what you have to do............what can I say.
Ahh !A foodie like Moi thinks  the rewards are fantastic. I could not have been happier with my bounty. My current farm community is HERE
Once upon a time I worked this FARM and now it's just a children's story book.However my new farmer is known as cousin Dave and he is the real farmer in the Tuttle's family.Have you gone berry picking? This week raspberries and blueberries are ready. I hope I'm ready too.Phew, after all that hard work I had to go home,clean and freeze my berries and take a well earned nap.................said the hobbit

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's a Bittyful Friday


Thursday, July 5, 2012


So much going on right now.Fires in Colorado and Montana,freak storms on the East coast,very hot temperatures in the middle and what am I doing? Looking for ways to use up last years fruit jams so that I can pick more.We have been fortunate in New England to have a fairly normal start to our summer. Life can't be too simple for me.

If you want to be made aware of what is truly important in a household or you are interested in saving on your budget,I have to say that your energy is best used in the kitchen.This is where I do most of my budget cutting however, this photo is of daughter Sarah.I went a little overboard with the blueberry jam last year so she and I found a few recipes that were easy to make and still tasty.
This was super easy.We used store bought puff pastry and followed this RECIPE  using the jam in place of the prepared fruit.
Want to put a smile on your peoples faces? Just pass these around and you'll see
 what I mean......said the hobbit.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Everyone has been making these adorable shawlettes. I have yet to get mine started but, soon, really soon.I swear it's on the list.Jane was the first to show a finished project.An earthy green with flecks of yellow and blue.
This past spring some of the girls went on a" yarn crawl".Don't you just love that name? I have visions of knitters dragging backpacks filled with knitting needles  crawling toward an Oasis that has yarn instead of water.........Many yarn shop create an irresistible journey to about 10 different venues where you are enticed with new yarns and patterns to make sure you never run out of ideas.Even if you are unable to go, your friends come back bubbling over with excitement about what they've seen and of course whatever you happen to be working on gets put aside because  you can't help but catch the fever. Hmmm ? Is that how we end up with all those UKP's? (unfinished knitting projects) Nawww

This is my sock queens completed sweater project.  Try as I might there are certain colors that do not photograph well at the coffee shop. However, more important is the quality of her stitches.On a sweater like this the smooth repetitive stitches stand out and she did an excellent job. Thanks Sharlene .......you shouldn't have I love it and will wear it often. Oh! Wasn't that for me?

Now for those of you with a tender spot in your heart
for Harry Potter I'm sure you will recognize this sweater. Cindi is currently making one for her daughter Rachel.Cynthia was quite taken with it and tried to get her to make a second for her daughter........The following week this was presented to her at our get-together. Not exactly what she had in mind,but,along with the mini sweater came the promise to help her through the making of her very own sweater. Cynthia has started and I must say she is well on her way You go girl............said the hobbit