Sunday, April 27, 2008

Closing up

The week has finally come to an end. Mom's sevices were just as she had planned them, and, everything went as well as possible. After the graveside prayers everyone was invited to a luncheon. For a women of 91 I think the number of people who came was quite large .We had about 60 people come to the lunch. Most had stories of visiting our farm and fond memories of my mother. All made me promise to keep in touch. I truly want to do this but, I hope it is not all up to me to keep the circle going. It's not my best quality. Have any of you had this responsibility put upon you? I think I need some time to work on that.
Big brother and I invited everyone at the luncheon to come by the apartment and take anything they would like as a reminder of our mum. Some people could not bring themselves to do this. Some were grateful for the offer. Mum had given us everything that was precious to our family history long before so, we were happy to let everything else go to someone else. Mom lived in elderly housing so before we went home we left a key with a neighbor and told her mum would be glad if she and the others would take what they wanted or needed. Big brother and I went back today to clean up. There was nothing to do.Five of the ladies got together and clean everthing,removed old clothing, cleaned the fridge threw out all those lille things that memeres tend to save. It was wonderful all we had to do was have a nice lunch together. Big brother his wife and daughter and I had a great visit and then went on our way. The little memeres had done all the work.Well, I guess I'll sign off for now, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life and I need to be ready.....................said the Hobbit

Monday, April 21, 2008

I remember mama

Recently I had the opportunity to introduce you to Mom. Our friendship was long in the making. For many years I thought we just weren't on the same wave lenght. Neither one of us would ever admit that the other one might be right,or so it seemed,It's all a little foggy and totally unimportant right now.

She was born Jan. 8th 1917 in Manchester,N.H. She was the oldest of 10 children 8 lived to adulthood. By the time she was 13 the Depression came along and cut her education short.

She went to work in a factory to help the family survive the difficult task of having food on the table and a roof over their heads. My mother was proud to be able to help and never felt cheated out of furthering her education. The phrase "there are people out there worst off than you" was often heard in our home. Of course we thought the same as she made every effort to make our life a memorable one. That attitude definitely set the pace for our family. Her life had more sorrows and heartache than I can list yet she saw it all in a brighter light. It was all part of Gods plan and she trusted Him completely. Just do your best everyday,love your neighbor and He would take care of the rest. Only in the last 4 years did she scold Him because she felt she had done everything expected of her and He seemed to not notice that she was ready for her final reward. I now know what He was up to. He was giving me time to see her in a different light and learn to love her as a true friend and mother.

The journey is now at an end,the plan complete. She past away April 21,2008 at 3 am. She is at peace and I will miss her dearly. I thank God for the opportunity to discover that I am my mothers daughter and so proud of it.................................said the Hobbit

Saturday, April 19, 2008

signs of spring

I didn't intend to post this picture today but, I seem to have lost the photo of the very large Tom turkey that was strutting thru my neighborhood. I swear he was there . My son added a new program for my photos and although I can see them I haven't been able to transfer them to my blog. It seems that Hobbit needs another lesson in blogging from her mentor.
This is another view of my workplace. I heard a familiar sound while cooking the other day. Most people might think it was someone with engine problems but, we all recognize it as the tractor turning over the fields to get ready for the years planting. Things are changing so quickly that I can't even post in time with it.This photo was taken less than a week ago.Soon it will be sprouting little corn rows. I'll try to keep you in touch with the farm as it prepares to put forth its bounty. Just a bit over the hill and out of sight the strawberry patches are being weeded. We can hardly wait for these to be ready.When you bite into them they are a bright red thru and thru and the juice stains your lips with its rich color. I recall hearing about young girls using this as their first lipstick. Do you think that's why kisses are referred to as sweet?
Tomorrow I'm off to see mom. It should be a great day. Managed to finish the pantry that was on my list of things to do in Feb. I can't be accused of being an over achiever . Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to show you. I've thought of a few more embellishments for the pantry but they will have to come later . Right now I have to get the garden ready and keep up with Mom. Maybe the turkey will find his own way to the blog.We'll keep our fingers cross....said the hobbit

Friday, April 18, 2008

home at last

Finally ,things are back on track.Notice I didn't say back to normal.Mom is in her apartment sipping a cup of tea in her very own chair by her large windows.I can't tell you how happy she is .She looks pretty good considering she had just been thru the long ordeal of coming home. She has been in rehab for almost 3 months and was bound and determined she would not take her last breath there.I stayed with her till bedtime that first night,called her the next morning to make sure everything was OK. She answered her phone told me she was still tired but doing well. She is somewhat deaf and our conversations don't always go as well as expected.After many attempts she finally understood that I would be there on Sundays and Wednesdays. I hope this works out.It's an hour and 15 min drive one way and with the help of some loving relatives and the visiting nurses I think we can have the week pretty well covered.

Hope to talk to you all tomorrow you won't believe what I saw in my driveway.Pictures to follow..................said the Hobbit

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tax man cometh

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted lately but, it's that time of year. Hubby is on his way to the postoffice, as we speak. Have lots to talk about. Big news is Mom's going home.I'm picking her up tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes. That's my mom I told her to smile she said " I am".
You gotta love her. Talk to you soon...........said the hobbit

Sunday, April 6, 2008

So Busy.....hurry, hurry

Where has the time gone?? I had every intention of getting right back to you and now it's been days and here I am sitting and blogging with very little time left in the day.
Shame on me for not being better organized. Well it is Sunday so don't be too hard on me.

Craft day with Sarah didn't fly. She has applied to be on the state's artist roster and this involves meetings and seminars and workshops. Crafting was canceled but,
we had supper together and she was able to tell us all about her adventures. The morning started with SNOW which had us worrying since she had a 2 hr drive and has a not so perfect sense of direction .Of course as she stated we had nothing to worry about. We sat down to a simple supper of hamburger, our first dinner from our local meat source Everyone thought it was great and I must sent kudos to our supplier. After hearing all about Sarah's adventures of the day we parted with plans to see her at her dance performance on Saturday. Well let me tell you that was pretty impressive if I do say so.They collaborated with a gospel group and provided us with a full evening of "I feel so good I could cry" moments. Sarah choreographed the first and final acts. The opener I had seen but the finally was a first time for me. It was great .......being the mum I'm a little prejudice but all around me seemed genuine in their enthusiasm.

I did manage to get 2 more tea napkins finished They should show up on Sarah's Etsy shop soon. How do you like them?????? Not too dark for tea and cookies? I hope not. I also made pesto rolls. I used a normal recipe for white bread.It makes 2 loaves so I made 1 and with the other half I made clover rolls with pesto. Just make three balls of dough and place them in a muffin tin let rise for the second time and drizzle with pesto and now you have 1loaf of bread and 12 lovely rolls which should taste great with just about anything. Chanpignon seems to approve as he is singing the praises of the pesto. Well done................Said the hobbit

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't look now,but spring is here

Champignon and I are ready to celebrate spring the sun is shining,the temperature is climbing and we're all pretty happy around here. I hope all is going well in your world.As you all know, my car has been in and out of the garage for the past two weeks.We think the problem is finally resolved. It seems I had a problematic radio. That's right, the radio seems to have been drawing power even when the car was not running.The results was no power in the A.M. We'll see if this works for me.If this car dies one more time it's off to the junkyard.
All the projects seem to be coming along fine but nothing is photo shoot ready. Soon , soon I promise.Seedlings are planted but, I haven't seen anything yet. Closet /pantry is being painted but will need another coat.
Tomorrow is craft day with Sarah ,always a pleasure and definitely something to look forward to. We never seem to be at a lost for things to do. This week she is winding up a program which will be seen at Winnacunnet High School Sat. evening at 7pm.If your in the area please stop by to see a great show .The Funky Divas and Ballet New England have collaborated to bring you a great night of entertainment. Well "the barn" is calling me so see you tomorrow...........said the hobbit