Saturday, April 19, 2008

signs of spring

I didn't intend to post this picture today but, I seem to have lost the photo of the very large Tom turkey that was strutting thru my neighborhood. I swear he was there . My son added a new program for my photos and although I can see them I haven't been able to transfer them to my blog. It seems that Hobbit needs another lesson in blogging from her mentor.
This is another view of my workplace. I heard a familiar sound while cooking the other day. Most people might think it was someone with engine problems but, we all recognize it as the tractor turning over the fields to get ready for the years planting. Things are changing so quickly that I can't even post in time with it.This photo was taken less than a week ago.Soon it will be sprouting little corn rows. I'll try to keep you in touch with the farm as it prepares to put forth its bounty. Just a bit over the hill and out of sight the strawberry patches are being weeded. We can hardly wait for these to be ready.When you bite into them they are a bright red thru and thru and the juice stains your lips with its rich color. I recall hearing about young girls using this as their first lipstick. Do you think that's why kisses are referred to as sweet?
Tomorrow I'm off to see mom. It should be a great day. Managed to finish the pantry that was on my list of things to do in Feb. I can't be accused of being an over achiever . Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to show you. I've thought of a few more embellishments for the pantry but they will have to come later . Right now I have to get the garden ready and keep up with Mom. Maybe the turkey will find his own way to the blog.We'll keep our fingers cross....said the hobbit

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