Sunday, April 6, 2008

So Busy.....hurry, hurry

Where has the time gone?? I had every intention of getting right back to you and now it's been days and here I am sitting and blogging with very little time left in the day.
Shame on me for not being better organized. Well it is Sunday so don't be too hard on me.

Craft day with Sarah didn't fly. She has applied to be on the state's artist roster and this involves meetings and seminars and workshops. Crafting was canceled but,
we had supper together and she was able to tell us all about her adventures. The morning started with SNOW which had us worrying since she had a 2 hr drive and has a not so perfect sense of direction .Of course as she stated we had nothing to worry about. We sat down to a simple supper of hamburger, our first dinner from our local meat source Everyone thought it was great and I must sent kudos to our supplier. After hearing all about Sarah's adventures of the day we parted with plans to see her at her dance performance on Saturday. Well let me tell you that was pretty impressive if I do say so.They collaborated with a gospel group and provided us with a full evening of "I feel so good I could cry" moments. Sarah choreographed the first and final acts. The opener I had seen but the finally was a first time for me. It was great .......being the mum I'm a little prejudice but all around me seemed genuine in their enthusiasm.

I did manage to get 2 more tea napkins finished They should show up on Sarah's Etsy shop soon. How do you like them?????? Not too dark for tea and cookies? I hope not. I also made pesto rolls. I used a normal recipe for white bread.It makes 2 loaves so I made 1 and with the other half I made clover rolls with pesto. Just make three balls of dough and place them in a muffin tin let rise for the second time and drizzle with pesto and now you have 1loaf of bread and 12 lovely rolls which should taste great with just about anything. Chanpignon seems to approve as he is singing the praises of the pesto. Well done................Said the hobbit

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SisterDG said...

Hello! Welcome to the blogosphere. Your super-crafty daughter recommended that I stop by and check out this blog. Those pesto rolls look delicious!