Friday, February 29, 2008

It's the last day of February.Can you believe it.I for one can't wait for it to be over.They say if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb.I hope that's true because we're expecting another 5-10 inches of snow tonight.I can,t see over the drifts in my driveway as it is now Imagine what it will be like in the morning.We started the winter with 4 shovels we now have 2 and 1 has developed a rotating handle.As we are fond of saying in N.E. if you don't like the weather just wait a minute and it will change.
My little goals were not all met.I did manage to save $19 on my electric bill by unplugging all unused appliances.I went around the house looking for more this month and hope to bring it down even further.After several tries I was able to finally meet with Wendy and purchase my locally grown beef,chicken and turkey.March I get to pick-up the beef.June and Sept wwill be chicken and turkey will arrive in July and November ,of course.Can't wait to start cooking with it.My mouth is watering already.The new tea towel pattern has finally been decided on.I started and took it apart 5 times before finally being happy with it.The finished product is still in my head,but, I'm very happy with it.Hopefully so will others.And then there is the pantry.That 's not even close. I think that will be on the new list.
I guess I'd better go and make my March Madness list.I'llput the pantry right at the top and see if that help any said the Hobbit.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How time flies

I can,t believe it's been a week since we last spoke. I posted on Valentine Day thinking all was going well,but surprise all went crazy right after we spoke.Due to previous commitments I was alone at the Barn that afternoon.Well it seems everyone wanted to bring home dinner,or at least a dessert,for their sweety.Yah,I was swamped.Fortunately Mich,[one of my stitch&bitch people]was able to hop on over and lend me a hand.Then I came home to discover that hubby who rarely pays attention to holidays had ordered a special pajama-gram for me.This made me look a little lame having nothing to give back AS WE HAD AGREED!!!!!When I explained,to a friend,what he had done.She thought someone had sung a love song in pajamas.Not quite.That is an amusing thought.A company in VT.sends out beautifully packaged jammies to your "amour de choix" Knowing me as he does he wisely choose the flannel jammies with the skuffy slippers.Also in the box was a bright red terrycloth bathrobe.While modeling it my son asked me to turnaround so he could see if it said Boston Red Sox on the back.So,even after all these years he still is able to surprise me.Oh, and a snow/rain storm had partially flooded the cellar,That was fun.
My meeting with Wendy from Lasting Legacy Farm was canceled due to the snow/sleet/rain storm.I was able to talk to her on the phone and we will be going ahead with plans to purchase beef from them.It seemed so right to be speaking to the person that will be raising your food.By the time I got off the phone I felt I had a new friend,and,I look forward to meeting her in person.
In the craft department I've been working on corn cozies.These are similar to hot water bottles but,you make them using polar fleece and fill them with cow feed corn.Pop them in the microwave for 1 to 2 min.and you have a warm pillow ready to soothe those achy muscles.I know what your asking.The corn does not pop.It's feed corn not pop corn.Although a stray one may pop occasionally the "heating pad" should last about a year even with constant use.As it gets older it may require a few more seconds to heat-up but that's about it.Also working on some tea towels but,not happy with how thats turning out, I've taken it apart 4 times.It's coming.
For those of you who think spring will never come,I have to tell you the field crew[at work] is currently transplanting the geranium and pansy seedlings to larger pots.I'm still debating what to put in my garden.I think I'd better get going on that.That would be my personal garden not the one at work.They plant 85 acres and I'm pretty sure they know what they are planting.I do have a young man from llfarms who will be coming to turn my soil for me.It hasn't been done in a while so they suggested we do it twice with furtilizing in between.
So much more to say. I will try to get back soon with the rest of the poop.Off to the real world with head held high I remain ----------THE HOBBIT

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey Everyone,happy Valentines Day.The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day.Hubby got up early and made my coffee today.This is a big deal because he doesn't drink coffee and I only drink fresh ground.I heard him fumbling in the kitchen this morning and knew he was trying to do the sweetheart thing.We both agreed not to spend $$ on gifts. We are going to N.Y. city on April 5th and can spend all the moolah we want then.I made him some cinnamon buns for breakfast[yeah,from scratch]and tonight we are having Ruby Red Margaritas ,yum yum.
As they say in New Orleans "Laissez les bon temps roullez."
Oh,my electric bill came in this week.My daughter has been after me to unplug things that are not in use .She told me power is still being used dispite the fact that the tv/light/radio/or whatever is turned off.For 1 whole month I pulled the plug on the tv before going to bed.The plug is also connected to a vcr and a dvd player and 1 lamp.The difference was $19 .Our home has 4 levels.Yesterday I went down cellar and unplugged everything.I'll plug in as I need to.We'll see what changes that makes.
I've been working on some tea-time napkins for my crafts.I took pictures and looking forward to learning how to post them soon. I also have 5 pair of wool socks finish.God how I love those.The wool I use still has the lanolin in it It's like heaven on your feet. No more dry skin.
To my surprise I had a comment on my last post.I thought it would be from my daughter but it was from Laurie at slowly I turn I have been reading her for quite awhile now and got up the nerve to comment on her post.She was kind enough to give me a heads up on a problem with my settings.Thanks Laurie Now everyone can talk to me.
Today is a workday so I'll be off to the barn soon.Talk to you later.Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, February 10, 2008

getting things done

well I,m making a little headway in my Feb. goals.Craft projects are still in the works,so,we won't go there today.
I called Wendy at and made an appointment to order organic beef,chicken and turkey for 2008.A freezer is sitting in our cellar just waiting to have a purpose,I just don't know how much it can hold.Wed at 10AM I will meet with this lovely woman who is willing to raise
my meat and she will inform this city slicker just what needs to be done.
The closet that needs shelving is currently empty and is being measured for its new lease on life.
The garden needs another meeting before we order our seeds.I believe we marked about 20 different seeds,but, we need to check if this is all going to happen at the same time.Staggering our crops might be a good idea.Of course thats assuming there will be a crop.I do like to think on the positive side.
Not much else to talk about .Here in N.E. it has been snowing and snowing and yah snowing some more.Gearing up to take a few photos and post them here.Learning curves veeeeery slooooow.
Thanks for listening,the Hobbit

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Moving right along

Ok,I made it thru one month of blogging .January was kind of crazy but, we got to the end of it with nery a scratch. The journal is practically writing itself. Yeah,right.Truthfully it's a struggle
but I'm hanging in there.
Mom is doing fine,Thank you for asking.She is a fiesty old lady who questions everything.They tried to give her pills in her applesauce.She quickly spotted the meds and asked the nurse."What do you think I'm blind or something?" I guess they will have to work on some new tricks for this lady.She is thinking of going back to her apartment after rehab.She doesn't think she can make it on what they feed her at this center.I'll let you know how that battle works out.I'm sure the rehab center will be saying that phrase that we all know so well.Yes ma'am,Whatever you wish ma'am.I just love watching someone else wear that shoe.You gotta love her.
The spaghetti dinner had some serious issues.For one it snowed all day.Six people managed to make it here and we had a great time. The soup was a success.No the hubby did not make it.We plan on giving him another chance to wear a chef hat in the future.There will be another dinner in 5 to 6 weeks.(We hope)
Feb will be crafts,planning the garden,ordering the meat,building some shelving and trying to save energy. So when next we meet I'll talk about the crafts.
Your friend,THEHOBBIT