Monday, December 31, 2012

featuring Cynthaaaaaa

When Cynthia came to us a few years ago, shedidn't know how to knit at all! Her talents were in wood turning check out her website HERE Never one to pass up a challenge she made her knitting needles (yes,you read that correctly) and got started on a scarf,then quickly jump onto socks However when she saw the sweater that Cindy S. made for her daughter she knew that's what she wanted to make.

As a visual mantra Cindy made this miniature sweater to help Cynthia focus on the big picture.
She hoped to get this project done in time for her daughter's birthday It is a Harry Potter sweater just like the one Mrs Weasley made and I was able to find the pattern HERE

She quickly through herself into this project and I'll tell you when she got Rebecca's initial on that sweater,she was one happy camper.She even wore it to our knitting group that night so we could all cheer her on to the finish .
Sleeves were set in and 
seams were ready to sew.

Nothing left to do but knit a matching scarf for Christmas. Three cheers for you Cynthia you get the 
"I THINK I CAN" award for 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Bittyful Friday


Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the Holiday Season

Wow ! It's been very busy here the past few months. I keep trying to get back to my quiet little blogging world,but, things keep happening.

My 1930 home is being rewired just in time for Christmas and everything is currently in "another "room. It seems to be getting better..........or I'm getting use to it. I hope to be around more as the year comes to a close. Bitty does not like the workers one teeny bit. After searching for her, for what seemed like forever, I finally found her tucked into my husbands sock drawer. Seems in the dim morning light he hadn't noticed that she slipped in and,of course, he shut the drawer and she was stuck there for the day.Well no time for more stories right now but wanted to say "CHEERS AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all just in case I can't get back in time.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Its a Bittyful Friday

WHAT A WEEK! I'm feeling a little about you?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's in the bag?

Remember when I talked about my family and showed you this bag with my knitting? Well, I finally finished it. Although I have many knitting bags I keep each project in a freezer bag. Why ,you say? Because I own a cat who thinks needles and yarn are for her to drag all over my house.I have gotten up in the morning to find the tiniest of yarn balls by my bed and had to go all over the house winding and swearing that this was going to be the last time this happens.So, the project goes in a freezer bag and yes, sometimes I wake up to the bag by my bed. As smart as she is .........she has yet to figure out how to slide that lock.

So after binding off the last stitch I soaked the project in a solution of warm water and hair conditioner. I know there are so many products out there to rinse and block your finished knitting but, really, if it conditions my hair I feel it's good enough for the sheep's hair too!!
I pinned and carefully rolled my project in the biggest towel I could find and then let it slowly dry. It took 2 whole days before I thought it was safe to pick it up.

                                              SO HERE IS THE FINISHED PROJECT

                                                 YES,.........IT'S A SHAWL
                                            DONE IN LACE WEIGHT ON #2 NEEDLES
For those of you who don't knit I can say very thin yarn on very small needles.I found the pattern on Purl Bee HERE If anyone gives this a try let me know I would love to see it It wasn't difficult  a very repetitive pattern but, I love how it came out ........said the hobbit

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The quilt show

The Chocheco Quilters guild in our area recently had their show. Now this is not something I usually attend since quilting is not my forte. My family did all their quilts by hand,no machine quilting,and although the actual quilting wasn't perfect or as decorative, it's what I think of when I hear quilting.There were many quilts and this is just a teeny tiny representation. To see the winner of the show click on the chocheco link .

This was a 3 D type wall hanging. Matellic fabric with shade like addition to give the quilt depth.

A civil war quilt using computer generated picture to "honor" the war? Not as much information as I a newcomer would have liked. Was it a copy of a quilt done after the war? Not sure.

Photographing was a bit difficult as I wasn't sure if I was allowed or not. This was my favorite .I wish I had thought of taking a picture of just one square. Every one of them featured a different pig. The fabric was chosen by the womens husband as he is a  true fan of pigs and she put it together just for him.Now that's what quilting should be about. So maybe I'll go again with the hope of finding a few more quilts that have just a bit more personality and family story behind them. It's a start ...........said the hobbit

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bittyful Friday


Friday, October 26, 2012



Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a Bittyful Friday


Thursday, October 18, 2012

quiet Sunday knitting

Sometimes the week gets so busy that I can't get to meet my friends for our usual knitting get together. Of course, everyone needs a little quiet time,so when this happens I sent out the teatime flag and head out to a favorite Tea Shop.

When you're looking for a little pampering ......this is the go to place. Two weeks ago, I sent out the alarm that I needed a break. Friend June and daughter Sarah came and sat in those lovely highback  chairs. Projects were started and new skills were learned.

Also on the couch was Jean .As it turns out she is no longer able to come on Tuesday night so this was a perfect time to catch up. There is always something new at the tea shop. And talk about being treated like a queen.If you're in the mood for something different this is the place to go. With fall being in full swing I can't wait to try his CREAMY CARAMEL CAPPUCINO W/SEA SALT. Unless of course I happen to be more in a cider frame of mind then I could go for the CARAMEL APPLE CIDER. Where is the tea you say? Fall tea would be the CARROT TOP....CARROT CAKE ROOIBOS LATTE WITH HAZELNUT. I think I feel another Sunday afternoon tea time coming on. Oh did I tell you Emmett has made lemon scones with orange glaze ?See you there.....................said the hobbit

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

from the pantry

Corn season is quickly coming to an sad. I've purchased extra for winter chowdah.
A quick 4 minutes in boiling water and an icy bath. Take the kernels off the cob.
Pack in 1 or 2 cup servings and place in a freezer bag.
Don't forget to save the cobs ........lots of flavor and vitamins left in there. I've been known to toss one in my veggie broth.  Put a cob in with your potatoes when you plan on mashing them to top a casserole and your "people" will be stumped as to what that great flavor is.Do you have any secrets to share.......said the hobbit?

Friday, October 12, 2012



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not all crafts include yarn

So many things in my home need to be repaired or replaced..........So the plan is try to repair and if not possible ..........give it the old heave ho.These 2 chairs are on the list. The music chair was passed down to my husband from a great aunt. Someone had made a seat cover out of a beach towel (no cutting done) and needless to say it was bumpy at best. All the rungs needed to be re glued. This orange chair was once white.I had my grandson paint it thinking it would make a great front porch chair. That didn't work out. It looked hideous,but,it is such a sturdy chair I thought it deserved one more shot.

First was to get all the rungs back in place. I tied the legs and gave strict instructions that no one was to sit on it for at least 24 hours.

Next was a coat of hunter green seems to be my fallback color. You know how some people. chose white or beige. I always have a can of colonial hunter green hanging around.

I thought the chair looked much better but, a little bland so............I borrowed a little gold paint from daughter Sarah. She had recently painted some pots to dress up her front porch.You can check out her project HERE It was just the right touch.

 Back to Hubby's chair...............The seat was so wonky that I assumed someone had just taken a piece of wood wrapped it with foam and stuck that god awful towel on it It had been secured with a single screw.Imagine my surprise when I discovered a gorgeous piece of beech wood with beveled edges!! I made a new padding to fit, got a fabric that would appeal to hubby and bought new screws to put it all together.

This fabric was not my first choice but, the chair belongs to my husband and if I had chosen something more in line with the back of the chair he would have thought it too girly.So here they are ........2 chairs that are now of use. The project cost about $10 and I have plenty of wood cement to work on a few more projects.At this rate my plan to get rid of things needs a little work ...............said the hobbit

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Tuesday Night Girls

They are at it again...............Do you use a Swiffer? It seems the latest trend in DIY is to make a washable sleeve that scoots over your swiffer so you can re use it whenever and not worry about running out of cleaning pads. Pretty smart I say.Of course I'm a little behind on new technology and still haven't got a swiffer as of yet.........I do like saying that word though. Here in New England I think it is called a SWIFFAH !

These are Margie's latest creations One that shows the dirt and one, not so much.

A new scarf done by Margie of course,...........looking mighty special I'd say.
Cindy S. found a great pink yarn at a super price so, of course, she whipped up this hat and sweater set for someone she knew.
Barb's favorite color is this lime green and here she made a pair of fingerless gloves to see her through the winter months. to our group and full of knitting knowledge has decide to make a lightweight shawl for an Aunt  who is currently living in Florida. Should be just the right thing for those air conditioned restaurants.Well that's it for today.........I need to get ready to go out and about,but, I'll be back soon..........said the hobbit.

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's a bittyful Friday


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Buttermilk biscuits.......a true comfort food.

Not all comfort foods are soups or stews or casseroles dripping in gravy. Buttermilk biscuits definitely fall in this category.It is the perfect addition to any meal and certainly brings back childhood memories of grandmothers house or wherever you were lucky enough to have these biscuits.My first run in with these biscuits happened just a few years ago. We had been visiting friends in South Carolina and on the way home stopped at a Waffle House for a final taste of the south. I know, the Waffle House .......really? Here in New England it is next to impossible to find these restaurants. Sunday morning at this restaurant was a ritual for our Carolina friends.Our friend "Cokes" as he was called had recently passed away and stopping here seem like the right thing to do.It was still quite early and I wasn't ready for the big breakfast that my husband eagerly ordered and the waitress suggested a biscuit with honey...............Oh My God. Why had I never had these before?? When I got home I looked up a recipe for them and they have been a staple ever since.Here's how we make them at home.
 Sift together 2 and 1/4 cups of flour
                    1 tablespoon of baking powder
                     1/2 teaspoon cayenne
stir in             1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
With a pastry blender cut in 1 stick of butter
toss in            1 cup of cheddar cheese
In a separate bowl mix 1 cup on buttermilk with 1 egg

Stir the wet into the will have a sticky gooey ball of dough.
Drop it on a VERY well floured cloth or board add more flour to your dough so that you can roll it out to a heavy 1/4of an inch.If you can't roll it try flattening it with your palm.It took me a few tries before the dough didn't stick to the rolling pin. Cut into any size circle. I use the 2 1/4 in biscuit circle but feel free to use anything that serves the purpose. Glass, can , or by eye if you can.
                                              Once I have them all cut out.

                                                I stack them one on top of the other

                                             Bake them about 18 minutes at 395 degrees

Once they have cooled just a touch I split one open..............add a hint of extra butter, drizzle the whole thing with honey and think ,oh this is southern comfort....................said the hobbit.

Monday, October 1, 2012

What's the family been up to?

Summer has come to an end and everyone is getting ready to hunker down for the winter. So here's the family summertime news. Yes hubby is still working in the lab. That's how you stay young,eh. A fair amount of golf has been played but, the plan  is to get one more day (a week) in for next year.
Number one daughter, as she likes to say, has a new puppy STEEVE, you can read all about him HERE Even with a puppy you tend to forget how much work it was.
Son #2 is living the good life in Michigan,and is officially a cheesehead. We love him and miss him regardless of his new look. Should you take the train from Milwaukee to Chicago give a "hey"to the engineer........that would be him!

Our baby  turned "Dirty Thirty" as she likes to call it but, she still managed to set a beautiful outdoor table for the celebration.

Somehow I don't think she looks all that upset about the whole thing. A peek into her life can be found HERE
Oldest son Thom has 2 little ones to keep him busy.........need I say more?
MEET AARON also known as Mr Indelpendent

AND COTTRELL Miss I want it all and I want it now.......and she looks so sweet ,right? I know a little more hair might be needed,she's working on it honest !

Grand daughter Cayla got married Sept 24th 2011....... almost lost her sweetie to a virus that settled in his heart.......has had to adapt to a whole new way of doing groceries and has now adopted JACK ....just look at that face. She tells me he's a handful...............Really?  Happy anniversary Cayla and Scott. After last year I hope you have a low key boring 2nd year.

Of course I'm still knitting and b.........,you know what I mean.............all in all I have to say that life is good................said the hobbit