Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Tuesday Night Girls

They are at it again...............Do you use a Swiffer? It seems the latest trend in DIY is to make a washable sleeve that scoots over your swiffer so you can re use it whenever and not worry about running out of cleaning pads. Pretty smart I say.Of course I'm a little behind on new technology and still haven't got a swiffer as of yet.........I do like saying that word though. Here in New England I think it is called a SWIFFAH !

These are Margie's latest creations One that shows the dirt and one, not so much.

A new scarf done by Margie of course,...........looking mighty special I'd say.
Cindy S. found a great pink yarn at a super price so, of course, she whipped up this hat and sweater set for someone she knew.
Barb's favorite color is this lime green and here she made a pair of fingerless gloves to see her through the winter months. to our group and full of knitting knowledge has decide to make a lightweight shawl for an Aunt  who is currently living in Florida. Should be just the right thing for those air conditioned restaurants.Well that's it for today.........I need to get ready to go out and about,but, I'll be back soon..........said the hobbit.


Connie said...

Such wonderful work and clever ideas. I do not have a swifter, but that would cut down on the cost a lot! You certainly are part of a creative group - love it.

The Hobbit said...

I'm beginning to think there is a competition going on to see who can make me "wow" the most.