Thursday, October 29, 2015

Something the garden.

So........having been through a rather nasty car accident, I found myself with time to research my healing process. I am very self sufficient and I was pretty determined to get it done in what my doctors declared to be amazing.
All has been going as planned and at my last check-up I was told " I just don't feel right having you come back here every month just to tell you your recovery is moving beyond expectation" Not bad........right?I discovered an Heirloom seed of Tulsi tea, also known in India as "Sacred Tea" This tea is known to aid the immune system and the digestive organs. Having nothing but time on my hands I decided to give it a try. The scent from this basil is amazing.......and that's what the deer thought as well. Yes, when it first started to come up they came running to have a nibble.Well, we were going to put a stop to that. Deer are guided by their sense of smell when looking for a tasty treat. I soaked a rag in ammonia and set it out by the basil.Yup, that did the trick. Soon my Tulsi basil was back on track.The tea is as good as they say. I brew it with a slice of ginger and look forward to my daily cup. It could be all in my mind but, I think this is pretty special. Looking for something new and easy to add to the garden? Consider this gem of a tea ........grows easily in the full sun and can make even the most novice garden feel like they have 10 green thumbs.......Really!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Still breathing!!!

Well it's been a long time.............Summer was difficult. After a terrible car accident I am starting to get back to "normal living". The garden has been put to bed,however, the kale carrots radishes and lettuce seem to be thriving on the cold snap that we received. Who knew!!
 So, of course, my thoughts go to the kitchen.....We enjoy having munchies for Friday night supper. Made these crackers One batch lemon pepper and the other rosemary. Will stuff a few eggs and take out the smoked oysters..........Should I go with a red or a white wine???