Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think it's spring,repeat till snow stops falling

Ok,maybe this won't work but, you can't blame me for trying. This is a nesting ball.We make them with grapevines that are rolled into a ball and then we stuff them with colorful roving, bits of ribbon and leftover thread and yarns. You put them out in the spring in hopes of helping birds find materials for their nest. My stitch and bitch group made them this year at one of our meetings. We wanted something different to do after the Christmas push. You can get the grapevine balls already made, making the assembly a no-brainer. I put mine out hoping to hurry spring in. I'm willing to try anything.
Today I got all my things ready to start my seedlings. I'm just going to keep going as though that snow outside isn't really happening. We also went to a maple sugar house in Northwood N.H.
called Sugar Mama . They're very happy with the weather, a constant shift between cold and warm is what they need for a good run of sap. I'll get you a few pictures nest time around. My favorite thing is Maple Spread MMMMMMMM so good on toast or anything else you can think of. I get my own jar because I like to eat it right off my finger.......Said-the-hobbit

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Take a friend to work

It occured to me that I haven't yet mentioned my place of work. I work at Tuttle's Red Barn.The oldest farm in America still owed by the same family. I spend most of my time there cooking yummy food.We do prepared food only for people who have no time to cook, but, don't want fast food.I won't list everything I cooked this week but these are 2 of the favorites I make on a regular basis. Pictured here are my twice baked potatoes filled with a combination of broccoli,ham and mushroom add a little sour cream, an egg mix it all up top with your favorite melting cheese and bake 25 min or so and voila you have Twice baked potatoes.You can do this with and leftovers you have. Chicken with caramelized onions and orange glazed carrots or if you don't have veggies left over try a little salsa for a tangier flavor. The other photo is spinach pie also well liked but a little more complicated to make.We can talk about that another time. Hope this gives you a little more info as to who I am.
If you remember I'm trying to be a little more aware of where my money is going these days. I was recently informed that some gas stations do not get there oil from the middle east. The only names I recognized on the list were Sunoco and Hess so in the next few days I will try to do my homework and see where my local dealers are. Wish me luck.....Said-the-hobbit

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

good day--bad day

, Yesterday started on a great note. I had seen my mom,she was well so what more could I ask for. Shortly after writing my post, the phone rang and I received a message that she had another heart attack. The problem is that she refuses to be transported to the hospital. She is in rehab for a broken pelvis, is totally healed, but, has the ok from medicare to stay up to 120 days. You have to know that the rehab center is going to take full payment from medicare. Her only wish now is to die at home in her own bed, just like her parents did. Don't get me wrong, she is not drawing her last breathe, she thinks the system is squeezing all they can out of her existence and if she goes to the hospital and comes back to rehab they have her for another 120 days. She believes she is in a catch 22 and I have to agree with her. Say a prayer for her I swear the woman has never asked for anything in her lifeexcept for perfect children and that of course did not happen. So maybe just this one little thing.
The picture is one of my lifes little pleasures.When I need a lift I make sunshine soup. Just looking at it makes me feel better. It's pretty easy and makes great use of those lingering carrots in the fridge.
I use..1lb of carrots
2 diced onions
2-4 minced garlic
1.5 liters of chicken broth
juice of 1 orange + zest

Saute first 3 ing. in evoo [olive oil] till tender add broth and simmer 25 min. puree about 2/3 of the soup retun to pan add orange juice and zest and heat thru.
I know oranges aren't local to my area but, everyone needs to spoil themselves now and then,anyway it was grade 2 at work and I got to take it home for free so goody for me.
Tonight is stitch& bitch and my friend nanacupatea was suppose to come back after recuperating from a recent surgery but yesterday I was told she would't be coming because she was having gall bladder surgery this morning. A little prayer for her too please......I'm heading out into the big world now, hope I can come back with something positive to report.............said the hobbit

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and new beginnings

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter sunday. It was beautiful here in N.H. a little cold but, full of sunshine and not a snowflake in sight. The children were all busy and off in different directions so, we didn't see them today,but, it was a great day to visit the moms. My mother is still in rehab and champing at the bit to be let out. She is 91,but,you'd never know. She was all guzzied up, had her hair done, pearls in her ears , looking oh so fine and ready to receive her guest. My brother was also there. We had tea in the dining room and I have to say they really do make an effort to make the patients feel at home.Unfortunately, there is no replacement for home where my mother is concerned. She wants out period. We had a great visit filled with good memories of life on the farm and lots of laughs. I brought cheese and crusty bread which she enjoyed, flowers that really hit the spot with her and sugar free candy. She has been diagnosed with diabetes but she claimed I could have brought her the real thing and she would have eaten a little at a time. Mmm truth or?? Visiting with my husbands mother wasn't as much fun. She has Altzheimers and she didn't know who we were and told us that she didn't care who we were she was tired and wanted to go to sleep. The visit was a short one. Came home by way of Concord and stopped at the Common Man a N.H. based chain of restaurants.It was quite good for Easter sunday lots of people but, still they manage to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.

I attempted to dye some eggs this year. I dont't know what possessed me to do it,no one will get to see them so,I thought I'd show them to you out there [are you out there].If you look real close you can see a faint design on the eggs. They were tied with fabric, a la Martha style, before plunging into the hot dye. It wasn't what I had hoped for but then not a total lost. I can still eat the eggs.

Champignon wanted to let everyone see that we are working on the pantry.It isn't the best picture but she is making sure we have the project done in March. Hobbits got to run.I just remembered I promised someone a corn cozy.Better get popping Ha Ha

Thursday, March 20, 2008


That's all I can do at this time. It's getting to be the end of March and this is what I see out my front door. Not exactly signs of spring.The footprints you see in the snow are from the meter reader. Yup my electric bill came in and is now $26 lower than when I started paying attention to what was being left plugged in when not in use. I'm $11 dollars away from my goal. Maybe with all this additional sunshine I can reach it.
My local meat order is in.It's very exciting to get beyond the talking stages in a project. Picking it up,not a piece of cake,fortunately Wendy has put
everything in a freezer till I can get there. She is competing in a short-rib cook-off at the Gallo vineyards in up-state N.Y. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for her.Maybe,when we get the meat Saturday ,she will have news of her adventure .
When last we spoke I was on my way to Stitch&Bitch.We had about 8 people show up.Two were new to the group.We had a great time exchanging ideas and patterns and with a little help from everyone managed to show one more person the art of casting on and the knit stitch.We laughed ate and had a great time. After saying our goodbyes everyone got in their cars and went their separate ways.That is everyone but me, my car was as they say "dead in the water".Absolutely no sign of life. Being one of the few remaining people on earth who does not have a cellphone I hiked it over to the local Days Inn [2 blocks] and borrowed their phone. Now everyone has been after me to get a phone, I don't know why because I called 5 people and all I got was "voice mail".So let me get this straight.You pay big bucks every month to have a phone that you don't answer???OK that doesn't convince me to run right out and get one. After waiting for people to make it home,I called my friend Yaya on her LAND-LINE, ayah that worked, she came to my rescue and got me home a little over an hour late. Not bad for someone with no cell.The next day I got a call saying "I just got your messages,are you ok" we had a good laugh over that. The car was towed and repaired and will be carting the Hobbit for a bit longer.When I went to pick it up my mechanic had left it running for me and I couldn't even hear the engine running. It runs beautifully. I took it for a test spin. Of course it was raining-snowing-sleeting but,my baby didn't care. MATT [the mechanic] had given her the loving she needed to get on the road and gooooo!! Matt also suggested I bring her by before she collapses. I'm so bad about that, you can sometimes hear me talk to the car. "come on baby,you can make this hill,just one more mile and I promise I'll get you a check-up" Tee-hee she falls for it every time. Hobbits got to run........p.s.Thank you YAYA what would I have done without you , ya I gotta love you

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hi everyone. Can't stay long,have a full day of cooking at the barn followed by Stitch&Bitch.I'll have a complete report for you in the morning. Oh,the sun is still shining and I'm a happy camper..........said the hobbit.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm a two timer

All right!!! I'm on a role now. These are my tea towels . I thought I had lost the pictures but by a miracle I found them again. The towels are 16 by 16 and make any tea time special. I am working on a few more color schemes, but, this is the one that was ready for the post. Hope you like it.
Today was a busy day, the hubby and #2 son went down to West Virginia for a job interview. It would be a transfer and a new outlook for him so, we are hoping for the best. We of course would like him to stay in N.E. and suffer through the bitter cold like the rest of us. He feels ready for a new challenge. He's old enough to lead his own life so we will go with the flow. He must follow his muse as they say. Of course they felt it was imperative to be on the road by 5 am. I have to say my family does not know the meaning of "walk softly" it was like a herd of elephants going up and down the stairs. Only 2 people were leaving but, I swear I was awakened 4 times and told "We're leaving now" I sweetly replied
"have a safe trip" when I really wanted to say "so go already" Poor babies I think they were a little nervous about this adventure. Within a short time I had to get up and give Zack a ride to work.Zack is the grandchild.Then off to my daughter's for coffee , shopping and lunch. Oh, also a few errands that hubby wanted me to do for him. I'm finally back home and thought I'd give those missing photos a look-see again and that's where I'm at right now.Didn't want to take a chance on losing them again so I thought it best to post now.
Although I still can't see my yard I am thinking about that garden. Laurie,a new blogging friend, is sending me some heirloom tomato seed from her seed saver stash. I can't wait to get them started. Also in the works are rhubarb and asparagus, hopefully a few different lettuces , beans to dry some hubbard squash and 2 more things that I've yet to decide on. It won't be corn. That crop is the biggest on the farm where I work. Farmer Will doesn't believe in having day old corn for sale so, it's a veggie we get to take home almost nightly.
Well sleepless in N.H. is catching up to me. I'd better head out to the bunkhouse and take a nappy,yawned the Hobbit.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a pro

Oh my God.I can hardly believe I got this picture on my blog.Talk about slow process.Now that I did it once,will I be able to do it again?We'll see next time.
Allow me to introduce "Champignon Etouffee"my companion and liason to the blog world.She was created by My Paper Crane and given to me by Geek+Nerd so it is no wonder that shortly after receiving her I got this strange urge to blog.Seethat big head?It's full of ideas that she can't do because she has no hands or feet and I have to do them for her.She is currently sitting on my piano saying"time to practice"but,she has given me so many other assignments I can hardly find time to breathe, so, the piano will have to wait.
I have finally adjusted to the change in time.Spring forward,fall back.Is all that really necessary?It takes me about 10 days to adjust.A lost of 240 hours.What have I gained by playing this change the clock game? Oh well,I guess I'll just have to go with the flow. On the bright side the sun is shining again here,but,the snow is still above my porch railing. Can you believe that?? It's March come on enough already.
I,m working on posting pictures of my tea towels,at the speed of a snail,so look forward to seeing them in this millenium or maybe even a little sooner. Also doing a few sewing repairs for a friend and that gives me little time to post today,but,now that I won't have to use all my time figuring out how to get my photos on,I should be able to post more often. Oh by the way the photo at the top of my blog is where I live. If the snow ever melts you should be able to see the garden or even a few chickens. Have a happy one said the hobbit

Friday, March 7, 2008

All about me

This week I had one of those "all about me"and nobody else days.Yup,me me me. Sometimes that's a good thing. Wed. I got up a little late,took a longer that usual shower.I tried to see if I could stay in till the hot water ran out,but,it seems I have a pretty large hot water tank.Got dressed and off I went, without a list!!!!!!!I usually start my day by making a list if I haven't done it the night before.
New places to see was high on my schedule. A little bistro on Goverment st in Kittery,Me caught my eye and I decided to explore.Atmosphere was pretty good warm& friendly despite the fact that we were there at high noon.I had a sandwich called the Purser, why you say,because, I had no idea what it was.It turned out to be a panini style sandwich with ham,mozzarella,pickled jalepenos,greens,pesto on a ciabatta roll.It was pretty tasty,but,soooo filling that I was unable to have one of the luscious desserts I had spotted in their case.Back in the car ready to go when I spotted an Italian specialty store.Their items were few for the space they had but again the clerk was genuine and knowledgeable about the products they did have. I purchased some locally made cheese and some european made pasta. Lasagna noodles with pesto already in it.Who could resist. They also had a recipe on the box that was a must try for my family and friends get-together.OK back in the car actually start the engine this time when I remember BEACH PEA!!Less than a mile from where I am parked is a fabulous bakery called Beach Pea.This place is to die for.They have amazing European-style breads all made on the premises using nothing but the highest quality ingredients. The desserts are another story. I started drooling shortly after my arrival. Visually it was almost too much for a foodie of my caliber.First thing I saw were these cookies that were cut brownie style ,you know 1 1/2 square inch .They had organic dried fig,honey,whole wheat flour puffed rice,pumpkin seeds ,flax seed etc,etc,and still they looked yummy.My server must have asked me 4 times if I was ready to order.She kept coming back everytime she finished with a customer to see if I had decided on anything yet.Mind you,she was not being pushy she merely did not want me to think I had been forgotten.I finally decided on something called breakfast bars,they don't look like bars at all they resemble a small free style loaf of bread filled with cranberries,pecans,and extra oats.But then I had to have these amazing croissants filled with raspberries or spinach and feta.Not being able to decide I bought 2 of each.Did I stop there?Oh no I was on a role.Next I spied pumpkin cookies the size of my hand soft and drizzled with penuche icing.Three in a bag please....Some one was saying that to the clerk Was it me? I turned and no one was there so I must be the one saying these things.I closed my eyes for a moment to gather my thoughts. Naw go with the flow Hobbit .This days is yours to do with as you please.So without a tinge of guilt I also ordered whole wheat torpedo rolls stuffed with carmelized onions and greens.and last an all time favorite lemon square so big you can hardly eat the last bite. Of course you stuff it in your mouth because you should not waste something so carefully prepared. I got back in the car and decided I needed to get home.I could not eat all this stuff I had to get home and put this in the freezer.What was I thinking.Somehow I thinkI know the reason why I don't take time off just for me.I go a ga-ga when I see things that are created with such skill. I feel I should buy everything just to let them know I appreciate their effort when mass production seems to be the norm.So now I'm back in my little space and temporarily cured of the winter blues.Hmmmm I wonder if I can duplicate some of these great finds............................. said the Hobbit.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I see the light outside my window.What can it be ?I remember now,it's the sun.Yes,yes,yes[as in Harry met Sally]sun at last.I know I'm just a little giddy today.It's been so long since we had such a beautiful day that I'm a little off the deep end.
I started tea towel #2 ,so,I'll soon have a complete set.Also I've got my material ready for the second set ready to fly.Designs are on paper for the dish towels I need to double check and make sure I'm not infringing on anyone with my choice of words.The pantry is still in the same stage,but,I have changed the colors.That's the best part about doing a project in your head. Change is so easy.
I have a friend who is out of town this weekend so I'm taking care of her birds.These are outside birds not the kind that live in a cage.I always have to chuckle a little when I hear her say "her birds".I'm afraid I'm the type that just let's them fend for themselves.I do grow rose hissip that they are welcome to eat whenever they wish.I have 2 sets of cardinals that have claimed this area as their own so all others keep out.
Well times a wasting it's almost 10 am and I must get out in this sunshine and find me an adventure.Till then I remain the Hobbit.

Monday, March 3, 2008

In like a lion

March has arrived and I really have more snow than I know what to do with.It started Sat.with a few inches of snow (4-5) and not much has gone right since.I should be at work now but,I'm waiting for the garage to fix a flat tire I called this morning at 7:50.They picked up the car and brought it in.It is now 12:35 and I still don't have my car.RRRRRRRRR Things like this drive me crazy.I'll try to think of other things that are more pleasant.Maybe that will calm me down.
I did finish the tea towel and I'm hoping that I'll be able to show it to you this week Lesson #2 in how to blog at Geek+Nerd. Stop by and give her a visit she has a most interesting life.
I hate to cut this short but I think maybe I need something to eat.I'm feeling the urge to do bodily harm to my mechanic right now and I should try and get past that.Off to lunch......Hobbit