Thursday, March 20, 2008


That's all I can do at this time. It's getting to be the end of March and this is what I see out my front door. Not exactly signs of spring.The footprints you see in the snow are from the meter reader. Yup my electric bill came in and is now $26 lower than when I started paying attention to what was being left plugged in when not in use. I'm $11 dollars away from my goal. Maybe with all this additional sunshine I can reach it.
My local meat order is in.It's very exciting to get beyond the talking stages in a project. Picking it up,not a piece of cake,fortunately Wendy has put
everything in a freezer till I can get there. She is competing in a short-rib cook-off at the Gallo vineyards in up-state N.Y. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for her.Maybe,when we get the meat Saturday ,she will have news of her adventure .
When last we spoke I was on my way to Stitch&Bitch.We had about 8 people show up.Two were new to the group.We had a great time exchanging ideas and patterns and with a little help from everyone managed to show one more person the art of casting on and the knit stitch.We laughed ate and had a great time. After saying our goodbyes everyone got in their cars and went their separate ways.That is everyone but me, my car was as they say "dead in the water".Absolutely no sign of life. Being one of the few remaining people on earth who does not have a cellphone I hiked it over to the local Days Inn [2 blocks] and borrowed their phone. Now everyone has been after me to get a phone, I don't know why because I called 5 people and all I got was "voice mail".So let me get this straight.You pay big bucks every month to have a phone that you don't answer???OK that doesn't convince me to run right out and get one. After waiting for people to make it home,I called my friend Yaya on her LAND-LINE, ayah that worked, she came to my rescue and got me home a little over an hour late. Not bad for someone with no cell.The next day I got a call saying "I just got your messages,are you ok" we had a good laugh over that. The car was towed and repaired and will be carting the Hobbit for a bit longer.When I went to pick it up my mechanic had left it running for me and I couldn't even hear the engine running. It runs beautifully. I took it for a test spin. Of course it was raining-snowing-sleeting but,my baby didn't care. MATT [the mechanic] had given her the loving she needed to get on the road and gooooo!! Matt also suggested I bring her by before she collapses. I'm so bad about that, you can sometimes hear me talk to the car. "come on baby,you can make this hill,just one more mile and I promise I'll get you a check-up" Tee-hee she falls for it every time. Hobbits got to run........p.s.Thank you YAYA what would I have done without you , ya I gotta love you

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