Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a pro

Oh my God.I can hardly believe I got this picture on my blog.Talk about slow process.Now that I did it once,will I be able to do it again?We'll see next time.
Allow me to introduce "Champignon Etouffee"my companion and liason to the blog world.She was created by My Paper Crane and given to me by Geek+Nerd so it is no wonder that shortly after receiving her I got this strange urge to blog.Seethat big head?It's full of ideas that she can't do because she has no hands or feet and I have to do them for her.She is currently sitting on my piano saying"time to practice"but,she has given me so many other assignments I can hardly find time to breathe, so, the piano will have to wait.
I have finally adjusted to the change in time.Spring forward,fall back.Is all that really necessary?It takes me about 10 days to adjust.A lost of 240 hours.What have I gained by playing this change the clock game? Oh well,I guess I'll just have to go with the flow. On the bright side the sun is shining again here,but,the snow is still above my porch railing. Can you believe that?? It's March come on enough already.
I,m working on posting pictures of my tea towels,at the speed of a snail,so look forward to seeing them in this millenium or maybe even a little sooner. Also doing a few sewing repairs for a friend and that gives me little time to post today,but,now that I won't have to use all my time figuring out how to get my photos on,I should be able to post more often. Oh by the way the photo at the top of my blog is where I live. If the snow ever melts you should be able to see the garden or even a few chickens. Have a happy one said the hobbit

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Heidi said...

aww I am so glad you like your mushroom and he seems to have a grand home here! Have fun with the blogging!!!