Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think it's spring,repeat till snow stops falling

Ok,maybe this won't work but, you can't blame me for trying. This is a nesting ball.We make them with grapevines that are rolled into a ball and then we stuff them with colorful roving, bits of ribbon and leftover thread and yarns. You put them out in the spring in hopes of helping birds find materials for their nest. My stitch and bitch group made them this year at one of our meetings. We wanted something different to do after the Christmas push. You can get the grapevine balls already made, making the assembly a no-brainer. I put mine out hoping to hurry spring in. I'm willing to try anything.
Today I got all my things ready to start my seedlings. I'm just going to keep going as though that snow outside isn't really happening. We also went to a maple sugar house in Northwood N.H.
called Sugar Mama . They're very happy with the weather, a constant shift between cold and warm is what they need for a good run of sap. I'll get you a few pictures nest time around. My favorite thing is Maple Spread MMMMMMMM so good on toast or anything else you can think of. I get my own jar because I like to eat it right off my finger.......Said-the-hobbit

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