Friday, March 7, 2008

All about me

This week I had one of those "all about me"and nobody else days.Yup,me me me. Sometimes that's a good thing. Wed. I got up a little late,took a longer that usual shower.I tried to see if I could stay in till the hot water ran out,but,it seems I have a pretty large hot water tank.Got dressed and off I went, without a list!!!!!!!I usually start my day by making a list if I haven't done it the night before.
New places to see was high on my schedule. A little bistro on Goverment st in Kittery,Me caught my eye and I decided to explore.Atmosphere was pretty good warm& friendly despite the fact that we were there at high noon.I had a sandwich called the Purser, why you say,because, I had no idea what it was.It turned out to be a panini style sandwich with ham,mozzarella,pickled jalepenos,greens,pesto on a ciabatta roll.It was pretty tasty,but,soooo filling that I was unable to have one of the luscious desserts I had spotted in their case.Back in the car ready to go when I spotted an Italian specialty store.Their items were few for the space they had but again the clerk was genuine and knowledgeable about the products they did have. I purchased some locally made cheese and some european made pasta. Lasagna noodles with pesto already in it.Who could resist. They also had a recipe on the box that was a must try for my family and friends get-together.OK back in the car actually start the engine this time when I remember BEACH PEA!!Less than a mile from where I am parked is a fabulous bakery called Beach Pea.This place is to die for.They have amazing European-style breads all made on the premises using nothing but the highest quality ingredients. The desserts are another story. I started drooling shortly after my arrival. Visually it was almost too much for a foodie of my caliber.First thing I saw were these cookies that were cut brownie style ,you know 1 1/2 square inch .They had organic dried fig,honey,whole wheat flour puffed rice,pumpkin seeds ,flax seed etc,etc,and still they looked yummy.My server must have asked me 4 times if I was ready to order.She kept coming back everytime she finished with a customer to see if I had decided on anything yet.Mind you,she was not being pushy she merely did not want me to think I had been forgotten.I finally decided on something called breakfast bars,they don't look like bars at all they resemble a small free style loaf of bread filled with cranberries,pecans,and extra oats.But then I had to have these amazing croissants filled with raspberries or spinach and feta.Not being able to decide I bought 2 of each.Did I stop there?Oh no I was on a role.Next I spied pumpkin cookies the size of my hand soft and drizzled with penuche icing.Three in a bag please....Some one was saying that to the clerk Was it me? I turned and no one was there so I must be the one saying these things.I closed my eyes for a moment to gather my thoughts. Naw go with the flow Hobbit .This days is yours to do with as you please.So without a tinge of guilt I also ordered whole wheat torpedo rolls stuffed with carmelized onions and greens.and last an all time favorite lemon square so big you can hardly eat the last bite. Of course you stuff it in your mouth because you should not waste something so carefully prepared. I got back in the car and decided I needed to get home.I could not eat all this stuff I had to get home and put this in the freezer.What was I thinking.Somehow I thinkI know the reason why I don't take time off just for me.I go a ga-ga when I see things that are created with such skill. I feel I should buy everything just to let them know I appreciate their effort when mass production seems to be the norm.So now I'm back in my little space and temporarily cured of the winter blues.Hmmmm I wonder if I can duplicate some of these great finds............................. said the Hobbit.

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