Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and new beginnings

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter sunday. It was beautiful here in N.H. a little cold but, full of sunshine and not a snowflake in sight. The children were all busy and off in different directions so, we didn't see them today,but, it was a great day to visit the moms. My mother is still in rehab and champing at the bit to be let out. She is 91,but,you'd never know. She was all guzzied up, had her hair done, pearls in her ears , looking oh so fine and ready to receive her guest. My brother was also there. We had tea in the dining room and I have to say they really do make an effort to make the patients feel at home.Unfortunately, there is no replacement for home where my mother is concerned. She wants out period. We had a great visit filled with good memories of life on the farm and lots of laughs. I brought cheese and crusty bread which she enjoyed, flowers that really hit the spot with her and sugar free candy. She has been diagnosed with diabetes but she claimed I could have brought her the real thing and she would have eaten a little at a time. Mmm truth or?? Visiting with my husbands mother wasn't as much fun. She has Altzheimers and she didn't know who we were and told us that she didn't care who we were she was tired and wanted to go to sleep. The visit was a short one. Came home by way of Concord and stopped at the Common Man a N.H. based chain of restaurants.It was quite good for Easter sunday lots of people but, still they manage to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.

I attempted to dye some eggs this year. I dont't know what possessed me to do it,no one will get to see them so,I thought I'd show them to you out there [are you out there].If you look real close you can see a faint design on the eggs. They were tied with fabric, a la Martha style, before plunging into the hot dye. It wasn't what I had hoped for but then not a total lost. I can still eat the eggs.

Champignon wanted to let everyone see that we are working on the pantry.It isn't the best picture but she is making sure we have the project done in March. Hobbits got to run.I just remembered I promised someone a corn cozy.Better get popping Ha Ha

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