Friday, May 28, 2010

It's a Bittyful Day

OK I spoke to the hobbit and she's fine with me using the computer on Friday.However I did get this long speech about staying away from "naughty kitty" sites. HELLO ? I'm a good girl.

So as a thank you I'm fixing supper tonight.I did a little hunting around and came up with these.

What do you think ?On the grill or pan-seared? I'm thinking she'll be lucky to see them.All that hunting has made me hungry...........have a great weekend.......Bitty

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My crafty people

I forgot to tell you about our road trip to Web's!!! What was I thinking?

Eight of us headed down to North Hampton Mass.for a day of yarn shopping and lunch.Not pictured here is Sarah I have no idea were she is ,since we asked some total stranger to take this photo. We had already completed our shopping and were taking a well deserved sit-down.

Betty and the" sock queen "provided us with the transportation and we changed places at the rest stops so we could have a conversation with everyone. It was a 21/2 hour trip so we had lots to say.

Michelle the" fancy stitching teckkie" found this stitch and bitch pin and bought one for everyone to make the day memorable.What a sweetie.

Then Webs gave us each a little packet as a" thank you for coming" prezzie.Each bag contained Jolly Roger hard candy ,measuring tape,delicate laundry sample and a new pin to add to my collection.

MMM, this was LUNCH. One of my favorite meals Mussels with pasta.I can never resist this when I see it on the menu,but,that day it was the special.Whenever I go to a restaurant I always order the special because I feel this is where their strenght is on that day. How about you ?Do you go with the special?Repeatedly order the same thing?Are you one of these people who avoid the special because you think they are trying to get rid of something that has been lurking in the fridge a tad too long?

Sadly I have to say goodbye to one of my stitch and bitchers.This is Just Jen. She lost her husband to cancer a few years ago and was in this area re-educating herself in her chosen field.Her classes are completed and now she is moving back to N.Y. We have all exchanged mailing address' and hope to keep in touch,but,the ritual of seeing her come thru the door and saying "It's just Jen" has come to an end.We hope her future will be bright. On that note I have to mention that we have a cyber stitch and bitcher I hope to tell you all about her next time we meet. Her name is Margaret....................said the hobbit

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a Bittyful Day

I've decide that Friday the computer is mine while the Hobbit is off working on the farm!!!
Sshh Don't tell her...............Bitty

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Happy Happy Joy Joy"

Yes, it's that time of the year for me again. I'm as they say one year older and wiser.

Did you notice the candle is a little askew? I guess that gives you a little insight into my personality. Yea,I'm just a little off center.This was the grand finale to an excellent meal at Petit Robert Bistro .This was a peach cake topped with a homemade raspberry sorbet.Very yummy!
It all started with an unusual drink called Mon Petit Miel (my little honey)and although it sounds like it would be something sweet, it contains grapefruit juice putting it more in the refreshing and thirst quenching category.This was all part daughter Sarah's planned day for me,and when we are together we are always open to having something we have never tried before.If you think you'd like to try this honey and lavender rimmed drink she has posted the recipe here .

This was our oh sooo french waiter who had the ability to smile like that at all times.We originally ordered the macarons for dessert and we had to laugh when he reported to us that they didn't look very pretty today and perhaps we should order something else? OK!!

A tasty bluefish with a healthy serving of mashed potatoes and vegetables gave us all the energy we needed to make it to our next stop. It's a good thing we had to walk a few blocks to get the blood flowing again.

The grande finale.A well spent evening with the Boston Ballet where we saw 3 of George Balanchine's works, all different styles yet all having his distinctive signature on them. Of course you know "no photos allowed "so the best I could do was to take a photo of a billboard outside "The Opera House".

After an adventurous return on the MBTA's Orange Line(there's always a story on the orange line)I arrived home exhausted ,but,excited to have made so many new memory cells.
Life is good.......................said the hobbit

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hello everyone hope your Mother's day was a great one.Although my husband wanted to take me out for breakfast,I opted to have the children come to me and we had a great brunch.

Here is Sarah
toasting the start of the festivities It was our first attempt at making Mimosas,and with a little arm twisting even Jiggy(the hubby)thought this girly drink was pretty good.

And this would be Renee
giving me a hard time about a proper photo. Husband Jeff just smiled and said pass the buttermilk biscuits please.
My boys couldn't make it both were out of town.One at Disney World and the other with a sick child.They called ,of course,to make my day complete.

This is Oskar,he represented the boys to the best of his ability. No Mimosas for him ,but he did try the banana muffins.
We also tried German pancakes for the first time.
This recipe came up on Martha's website when I did my research. I caramelized apples and pears in brown sugar and butter poured the batter in a hot skillet dropped some apple fixings in the middle and baked for about 20 minutes.
It was a great time with wonderful prezzies that I will share with you all later but,for now, I must be off...................said the hobbit

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday night S&B

Oh my God,I didn't think I'd be able to post tonight. My pictures were no where to be found,my icons didn't even look slightly familiar,and, no one in the house had more knowledge about the solution then I. This was a very sad situation.By some miracle and 1 hour + of reading computer lingo things started to return to what was before all this happened. I don't even know what I'm saying so I'll just continue and plow through as usual.

This is Donna, she hasn't been to our knitting group for a few months due to everyone else needing her time..She's back now and ready to go.No, she didn't have a project to knit but, promises to bring one next week.It was her birthday so she was allowed to slack off.

Now this was a big surprise!Aaron is our token male member of the group. He came by with his new girlfriend and after staring at her for a few minutes I suddenly realized it was a former classmate of my youngest daughter .We had a great time catching up and I can't wait to hear the reaction from Sarah. Oh her name is Sarah also.

The girls were very busy,this is Sock Queen,Cynthiaaaaaaa,and half of Cindy all working on projects.

This is one of the Sock Queens latest creations.She always seems to have some interesting yarn to work with. Cynthia is my woodworker and has been having much success with her assorted needlework tools. Just click on her name up there and I'm sure you'll be impress by her efforts.Then there is" Cindy from T " she's been working on the same Navy blue sweater for awhile now and can't wait to get it done.I'll try to get a picture but, It's a difficult color to take a picture of.We'll see. Today is the last day for my soups and I wasted so much time trying to understand my computer that I must hurry off to get it done................said the hobbit

Monday, May 3, 2010

How's the pantry doing?

So ,are you itching to get out in that garden?

This is what's left of my canning. As you can see I still have some jars that are unused but,don't forget there's still a lot of work to do before we get to the point of refilling those shelves.Here in New England we get all excited about gardening the minute the temp goes above 40 degrees.This year that happened a little early however it wasn't long before Mother Nature brought us back to reality with a hard frost.

Some flowers like the cold .This one in particular was made just for hobbits,it's so close to the ground that you have to be really short to see it's beauty.It is a Hellebore's and loves the shade.When I cook at the barn it's the first thing I see when I drive up to the kitchen.

Off in the distance from the rye field is where the strawberries.blueberries and raspberries are growing.It's quite a walk for me to sneak a closer peek but, I'll head over when I know I can taste them

Always something to do .These are the logs that fell in the storm.
The widest one reaches my hip,so,we are waiting for more powerful equipment to cut and stack into cords.
Well May has crept up upon me and there is much to do so talk to you later........said the hobbit