Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My crafty people

I forgot to tell you about our road trip to Web's!!! What was I thinking?

Eight of us headed down to North Hampton Mass.for a day of yarn shopping and lunch.Not pictured here is Sarah I have no idea were she is ,since we asked some total stranger to take this photo. We had already completed our shopping and were taking a well deserved sit-down.

Betty and the" sock queen "provided us with the transportation and we changed places at the rest stops so we could have a conversation with everyone. It was a 21/2 hour trip so we had lots to say.

Michelle the" fancy stitching teckkie" found this stitch and bitch pin and bought one for everyone to make the day memorable.What a sweetie.

Then Webs gave us each a little packet as a" thank you for coming" prezzie.Each bag contained Jolly Roger hard candy ,measuring tape,delicate laundry sample and a new pin to add to my collection.

MMM, this was LUNCH. One of my favorite meals Mussels with pasta.I can never resist this when I see it on the menu,but,that day it was the special.Whenever I go to a restaurant I always order the special because I feel this is where their strenght is on that day. How about you ?Do you go with the special?Repeatedly order the same thing?Are you one of these people who avoid the special because you think they are trying to get rid of something that has been lurking in the fridge a tad too long?

Sadly I have to say goodbye to one of my stitch and bitchers.This is Just Jen. She lost her husband to cancer a few years ago and was in this area re-educating herself in her chosen field.Her classes are completed and now she is moving back to N.Y. We have all exchanged mailing address' and hope to keep in touch,but,the ritual of seeing her come thru the door and saying "It's just Jen" has come to an end.We hope her future will be bright. On that note I have to mention that we have a cyber stitch and bitcher I hope to tell you all about her next time we meet. Her name is Margaret....................said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

Remember - I did not go to the store with you, I met you at the restaurant afterwards!

And, AWWWW, Just Jen is moving! You'll have to share her mailing address with me, so that I can send her a card :)

Connie said...

You certainly have a very special group of friends! What a fun day trip this was for everyone. So glad you can keep in touch with Jen.