Thursday, May 29, 2008

Has anyone got an extra hour I could borrow????

Things are a little busy here. Everyday I tell myself I need to sit down and write a few lines but, all I can do is drag my you know what to bed and start all over in the morning. Since Mom died I've had a few additional things to take care of. Nothing major just time consuming, and needing a call or letter. One of these was a letter telling her this was her second notice and she had to reply immediately. To what I didn't know.So I called because it was concerning her insurance. It seems they needed a verbal description of the fall that landed her in the hospital. Was it an accident??Did someone cause the fall??? When I told them she had passed away they said they would accept my interpretation of the accident. I was 50 miles away but,that didn't make any difference to them they just needed to close this file. Seems strange they didn't even ask for proof of who I was??

Anyway as you see it's gardening time. No that's not me I'm the one taking the picture silly. I was impressed at how gently they were raking the soil. The naked area had radishes there,they had been picked and the soil was being prepared for another planting.The lettuce on the right hand side had another week before it would be harvested. That would be yesterday. I told you I was it need of extra hours.

This is one of the things I've been doing. It's a veggie platter and I've taken those new radishes and cut them into little mice. Aren't they cute? Farmer Will took one look at them and said you are one crazy lady.I think that meant he liked it . He was laughing at the time so that was good enough for me. Well gotta go for now.Next time I'll tell you about my birthday[2 weeks ago] I am sooo behind.............said the hobbit

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finding Cambridge

At last I'm back. It's been such a hectic week, with no end in sight. I thought it best to just forge ahead and post the best I could ,so, If I seem to be rambling, give me a break will ya. When I last spoke to you we were leaving Massart. Betty was in a state of shock and needed some familiar sights. She thought a walk thru Cambridge would soothe her soul. We were willing to go anywhere just point us in the right direction. So Betty called husband Bob and told him where we were. After getting off the phone she informed us of his directions. Find a bridge and cross it, you should be able to find Cambridge from there. So off we went to find a bridge. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are many bridges in Boston. Hard as this may be to believe it worked out perfectly, althought Betty often told me to get in the left lane and then after recognizing some shop or intersection whe'd have me make a right turn. But, lo and behold we found Cambridge and that was easy compared to finding a place to park. We rode around about 20 min making circles into residential areas, checking out lovely homes till finally we found a parking lot behind Barnes & Noble. I was so excited that when I got to the gate I pushed the button for my ticket and a gentleman asked "can I help you" I informed him I wanted to park my car and he informed me I was pushing the emergency call button would I please try the green button.Oops!! Car finally parked we put our walking shoes on and hit the pavement .

We managed to find a great little bakery with biscotti like I never had before,some contained blueberries and ginger and I just could not pass them up. I wish I had written down the name but, being new to this blogging thing it's a detail I forget .Oh well I guess I'm a work in progress. We finally hit paydirt for Betty when we spotted a shop called Papersource
Being a scrapbooker she was in heaven. The place was filled with ideas for memory books which Betty is a wiz at. I am at a total lost in this field. My mind just goes blank and I can't think of a thing to do.

Betty had me take a picture of this memory book to give me something visual to work with. I don't think it's going to help .I can't remember for the life of me what it was about. So off we went to find food and a restroom. I don't think peeing is allowed in Cambridge. We tried 2 restaurants before we found one that had a public restroom,however,that one had no seating available so after doing what we had to do off we went to the first restaurant. Soon we were back at our vehicle ready to go home when I spotted a small sign that read parking for customers only have ticket validated in mall. Oh oh here we go again. I went into the mall spoke with a security guard who found my adventures quite amusing and informed me our parking ticket would be $1

I gave it to him in quarters and made my escape. Soon we were back in N.H. having been gone a total of 12 hours bringing our first adventure to a close.Next stop Portland or maybe the South end open market. Of course that's in Boston.Dare we try again ............said the hobbit

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Massart What a trip

Look at that we had a parking space just waiting for us. Hard to believe but,we spent the day in Boston and a grand total of a $1 was spent on parking. The big blue van took us to the city for a day of shopping and R&R. This is the first trip we took as a group and I think everyone had a different idea of what we would be seeing.

Once safely parked we took the long way around to the fair and walked thru a little park where we ran into this Canadian goose. He wanted nothing to do with us, despite my attempts to speak french and English to him, he refused to give us directions. We saw a young man putting up fliers and thankfully he sent us on the right path. And then the fun began. My friend Betty had more of an Art Show in mind. She sort of got a glazed look about her and took a good 20 min to get herself on track as to where she was and just what was she doing here!!!!!! I was totally oblivious to her shock and awe look and didn't even realize it happened till 2 days later, but, true to form, Betty was mingling with the young folk and having a great time. Once I observed her in conversation with a young women who was patiently explaining to her why the music she was listening to was referred to as indie, Betty thought it was from India. There was no eye rolling at this comment just a gentle laugh and an explanation of the origin of the term. I have to say the people we met were just great.That being said I do understand how someone could be a little overwhelmed. The set-up was like a giant yard sale,the room needed a little more flow but,somehow we managed to forge ahead and find several items to purchase.

Rich Simone of Providence R.I. was one of the first artist I met. His table was filled with t-shirts ,stickers,pins and his theme is bunnies. I was able to learn a little more about when I returned home. There really is a bunny that he cares for and inspires his work. Yvonne Pope
had some adorable baby onesies that I purchased for future gift giving. I couldn't pass her up ,after all my mothers name is Yvonne and it was a must that I purchase a little something here. I have more to tell however I must get going to my other life I'll come back tomorrow and tell you how we found Cambridge..........................said the Hobbit

Friday, May 2, 2008

the pantry

OK !!!! This is the closet remake that took me 3 months to accomplish. There will be no designer kudos however it is exactly what I set out to do and I love it. The colors are hard to see but, I have pumpkin on the shelves and champagne yellow on the walls. Who names these colors anyway? When I first planned this project it was fall soooo I had pumpkin on the brain champagne yellow was on the same color chart and that was fine I still have work to do outside the closet and hopefully that will move a bit faster. I know some of you out there were beginning to doubt my efforts so as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". Tomorrow will be a full day at the barn, not that I mind, however I can't wait till Sunday. Four of the Stitch & Bitch girls will be going to Boston for what I'm calling
all about me day . We'll be starting early in the morning and just have a glorious time. We talk about doing this all the time but, something always gets in the way. This week Sarah posted about a date with herself and we all commented on what a smart thing that was . It didn't take much prompting after that .The wheels were in motion, road/craft trip was in the making. So Sunday evening I hope to tell you all about it. I best be going lots of coins to roll up and turn in for dollars. I don't plan on coming back empty-handed..............said the hobbit

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friends are healers

I want to thank everyone for their heartfelt wishes during my families recent loss. I was blessed with many warm letters and messages from new found friends on the blog and it was truly appreciated. I know that they are the people that will help me find my place in the new order of life. That being said my next post will move on to a lighter subject as we must all accept and move forward................said the hobbit