Thursday, May 29, 2008

Has anyone got an extra hour I could borrow????

Things are a little busy here. Everyday I tell myself I need to sit down and write a few lines but, all I can do is drag my you know what to bed and start all over in the morning. Since Mom died I've had a few additional things to take care of. Nothing major just time consuming, and needing a call or letter. One of these was a letter telling her this was her second notice and she had to reply immediately. To what I didn't know.So I called because it was concerning her insurance. It seems they needed a verbal description of the fall that landed her in the hospital. Was it an accident??Did someone cause the fall??? When I told them she had passed away they said they would accept my interpretation of the accident. I was 50 miles away but,that didn't make any difference to them they just needed to close this file. Seems strange they didn't even ask for proof of who I was??

Anyway as you see it's gardening time. No that's not me I'm the one taking the picture silly. I was impressed at how gently they were raking the soil. The naked area had radishes there,they had been picked and the soil was being prepared for another planting.The lettuce on the right hand side had another week before it would be harvested. That would be yesterday. I told you I was it need of extra hours.

This is one of the things I've been doing. It's a veggie platter and I've taken those new radishes and cut them into little mice. Aren't they cute? Farmer Will took one look at them and said you are one crazy lady.I think that meant he liked it . He was laughing at the time so that was good enough for me. Well gotta go for now.Next time I'll tell you about my birthday[2 weeks ago] I am sooo behind.............said the hobbit

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S'mee said...

oh my heck! The garden is beautiful...I am so jealous! And those little mice? Adorable.