Thursday, May 8, 2008

Massart What a trip

Look at that we had a parking space just waiting for us. Hard to believe but,we spent the day in Boston and a grand total of a $1 was spent on parking. The big blue van took us to the city for a day of shopping and R&R. This is the first trip we took as a group and I think everyone had a different idea of what we would be seeing.

Once safely parked we took the long way around to the fair and walked thru a little park where we ran into this Canadian goose. He wanted nothing to do with us, despite my attempts to speak french and English to him, he refused to give us directions. We saw a young man putting up fliers and thankfully he sent us on the right path. And then the fun began. My friend Betty had more of an Art Show in mind. She sort of got a glazed look about her and took a good 20 min to get herself on track as to where she was and just what was she doing here!!!!!! I was totally oblivious to her shock and awe look and didn't even realize it happened till 2 days later, but, true to form, Betty was mingling with the young folk and having a great time. Once I observed her in conversation with a young women who was patiently explaining to her why the music she was listening to was referred to as indie, Betty thought it was from India. There was no eye rolling at this comment just a gentle laugh and an explanation of the origin of the term. I have to say the people we met were just great.That being said I do understand how someone could be a little overwhelmed. The set-up was like a giant yard sale,the room needed a little more flow but,somehow we managed to forge ahead and find several items to purchase.

Rich Simone of Providence R.I. was one of the first artist I met. His table was filled with t-shirts ,stickers,pins and his theme is bunnies. I was able to learn a little more about when I returned home. There really is a bunny that he cares for and inspires his work. Yvonne Pope
had some adorable baby onesies that I purchased for future gift giving. I couldn't pass her up ,after all my mothers name is Yvonne and it was a must that I purchase a little something here. I have more to tell however I must get going to my other life I'll come back tomorrow and tell you how we found Cambridge..........................said the Hobbit


scj said...

Just popped by after a long while and have seen all the posts about your dear Mum! Please accept my heartfelt sympathy in your loss. My own Mum died over two years ago and it is still painful in many ways. Mum's are special people in our lives and have an amazing influence on us.
Looks like you had a fab time in Boston. I look forward to hearing more. Thanks for the comment too on my blog.
Have a great weekend.


S'mee said...

ah, the perfect parking spot. In our neck of the woods we refer to that as "good car-ma!"

Nothing as much fun as discovering a fun new place with someone you love. Glad you had a great day.