Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well it's been a few days since I've been able to post.My mom had a heart attack,and, she gave us a pretty good scare. She is 91 years old but, you'd never know it.She has a strong will to live and I believe she will beat the odds on this one. She recently started to read the bios on wives of American presidents and had just gotten as far as the third one when she became ill. When I visited her in the hospital she insisted she would get thru all the first ladies stories,that's why I think she'll be with us for a while.
As for my spaghetti dinner,plans are ongoing.I've purchased enough supplies to make dinner for 25 people.They'd better be hungry when they get here.My hubby plans on making a white bean soup on Sat.Hope that pans out. I would really like to see someone else in the kitchen besides me.I helped him research his recipe and he seems really hot to trot about doing tne chef thing keep your fingers crossed. My good friend Lucy sent me bread ,from Zingerman's in Ann Arbor MI, for Christmas.Four different breads arrived all beautifully wrapped.One was a pepper/cheese variety which I plan to serve with the spaghetti. For dessert[always have to have dessert]I made a pecan apple coffecake to be served with vanilla ice cream. I was thinking of serving a spritzer of seltzerwith apple juice???Haven't decided yet.
I've been crafting a little lately but my concentration is a little off so it is slow going.I was thinking of doing crewel on old wool but didn't know if I would be able to find the color[off off white] would you believe Aaron from my Stich&Bitch group said "I have one of those from my grandmother".Lo and behold he brings me a beauty of a blanket with enough material to make lots and lots of crafts.My mind is still reeling with the possibilities.I know I'd better start writing my ideas in my journal.Yeah I've got that journal thing going on.It seems to be working OK.My only problem is when I look back on designs I sometimes think they really stink,which is fine ,I just have to tweek them,however,the bad drawings are still there IN INK staring at me everytime I open the book.Maybe I should start writing in pencil.
The clock tells me I have to get going.I have to close at the barn today,so,I need to move along.Talk to you soon.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Time to put one foot forward. Enjoying everyday is an attainable goal.I sometimes get so caught up with my long list of chores,that I go to bed without once thinking what a great thing it is to be alive. Sitting here I realize how little time is spent on just me.......I promise me I will think of me more often.This must become a habit if I am to take good care of me.[cry a little here boo-hoo]
The second thing I want to work on is my circle of friends.I promise them to pay closer attention when they speak to me,and,be more grateful when they go out of their way for me. I have an awesome group of friends ,Imust make an effort to thank them a little more often. Oh ,friends and family are on the same page.Sometimes if you treat a family member like a friend you build a stronger unit. I,m not 100%sure of that but I want to make an effort and see what happens.
Sunday the 27th I want to pull that circle a little tighter by having an allday spaghetti dinner. Everyone is so busy that I've decided to serve Sunday dinner all day.I hope everyone is able to come.Well ta-ta for now.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tiny steps------

Alright...this is obviously going to be slow going.It seems like I'm still in prep mode for my new and creative life.
Today it is snowing so hard that I can't even go to work. Trying to make each day full and productive is not always easy.
Friday I spent the day with geekxnerd.She introduced me to Susieblutube.Oh my God this women is what it's all about. She has these motivating bits of advice that everyone should see at least once if not more.So,What progress did I make today??? According to Susie I must follow my Muse. That's right MY MUSE. I think I can do that. Oh she also thinks I should start a journal.I agree........I have actually started many journals,but,after awhile I put them in the sink and burn them.They seem so personal.I just can't imagine having them fall into the wrong hands.It seems I could be in trouble now...Idon't think burning the computer will destroy my ramblings.Well got to go I believe I see my muse lurking in the hallway.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day Two

I made it back.Just trying to organize my thoughts has been a chore. This is the second time I write this post.I'm not sure where my first one is ,but, in trying to correct a spelling mistake I seem to have misplaced my posting.Oh well if it shows up it would most likely be a miracle.
I have been struggling with what I should be doing first,and,I think I have an answer to that question
Friday I had coffee with geekxnerd.She introduced me to Susieblutube.She is an artist who has taken the time to give others that push they may need to be themselves.As Susie puts it follow your muse.So I'm of in search of her today.
The schedule is very full,so,I must get going and I'llbe back asap to let you knos how it goes.

Friday, January 11, 2008

and so the story begins

After much thought, I decided I should give blogging a try.Sooooo here goes.Hobbit is the name my husband often calls me,because,I'm the shortest one in the family and I always seem to be running around taking care of business.I was born and raised on a farm,left to make a living in the big world and have pretty much come full circle.My favorite saying is"I can do that myself"I strongly believe that this society has been too quick to outsource almost everything we do.
I want to be able to care for myself,despite the fact that society tells me I can't do it without 1.2million in my retirement fund.So with the help of my fellow friend in blogland I hope to enjoy every day to come!!!!