Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day Two

I made it back.Just trying to organize my thoughts has been a chore. This is the second time I write this post.I'm not sure where my first one is ,but, in trying to correct a spelling mistake I seem to have misplaced my posting.Oh well if it shows up it would most likely be a miracle.
I have been struggling with what I should be doing first,and,I think I have an answer to that question
Friday I had coffee with geekxnerd.She introduced me to Susieblutube.She is an artist who has taken the time to give others that push they may need to be themselves.As Susie puts it follow your muse.So I'm of in search of her today.
The schedule is very full,so,I must get going and I'llbe back asap to let you knos how it goes.

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