Monday, January 14, 2008

Tiny steps------

Alright...this is obviously going to be slow going.It seems like I'm still in prep mode for my new and creative life.
Today it is snowing so hard that I can't even go to work. Trying to make each day full and productive is not always easy.
Friday I spent the day with geekxnerd.She introduced me to Susieblutube.Oh my God this women is what it's all about. She has these motivating bits of advice that everyone should see at least once if not more.So,What progress did I make today??? According to Susie I must follow my Muse. That's right MY MUSE. I think I can do that. Oh she also thinks I should start a journal.I agree........I have actually started many journals,but,after awhile I put them in the sink and burn them.They seem so personal.I just can't imagine having them fall into the wrong hands.It seems I could be in trouble now...Idon't think burning the computer will destroy my ramblings.Well got to go I believe I see my muse lurking in the hallway.

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