Thursday, January 17, 2008


Time to put one foot forward. Enjoying everyday is an attainable goal.I sometimes get so caught up with my long list of chores,that I go to bed without once thinking what a great thing it is to be alive. Sitting here I realize how little time is spent on just me.......I promise me I will think of me more often.This must become a habit if I am to take good care of me.[cry a little here boo-hoo]
The second thing I want to work on is my circle of friends.I promise them to pay closer attention when they speak to me,and,be more grateful when they go out of their way for me. I have an awesome group of friends ,Imust make an effort to thank them a little more often. Oh ,friends and family are on the same page.Sometimes if you treat a family member like a friend you build a stronger unit. I,m not 100%sure of that but I want to make an effort and see what happens.
Sunday the 27th I want to pull that circle a little tighter by having an allday spaghetti dinner. Everyone is so busy that I've decided to serve Sunday dinner all day.I hope everyone is able to come.Well ta-ta for now.

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