Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Here comes why is 50 degrees the high? it's not actually snowing yet. However it is damp,raw, and just plan cold here in New England.I suppose I should be thankful that it isn't worst but, being challenge by a neckbrace is bad enough do I really need anymore road blocks?
 Trying to keep as normal a schedule as possible and not able to jump in the car for needed supplies I have resorted to scouring my cellar and garage for things that I can put together to feel a sense of accomplishment.
That's's all about me.Found a few items in the garage that went together for a makeshift bird feeder and birdbath.I know .....there's enough food out there for them to get by right now but, what can I old hanging basket, plate and candle holder glued together and I felt marvelous.
My neighbor was doing her flower border and felt by pain of not having anything to plant so she brought over her extras to lift my spirits. Hope they don't freeze........Ok, enough complaining I'm headed out to get my hands dirty in that nice dark back soon......said the hobbit.