Monday, December 31, 2012

featuring Cynthaaaaaa

When Cynthia came to us a few years ago, shedidn't know how to knit at all! Her talents were in wood turning check out her website HERE Never one to pass up a challenge she made her knitting needles (yes,you read that correctly) and got started on a scarf,then quickly jump onto socks However when she saw the sweater that Cindy S. made for her daughter she knew that's what she wanted to make.

As a visual mantra Cindy made this miniature sweater to help Cynthia focus on the big picture.
She hoped to get this project done in time for her daughter's birthday It is a Harry Potter sweater just like the one Mrs Weasley made and I was able to find the pattern HERE

She quickly through herself into this project and I'll tell you when she got Rebecca's initial on that sweater,she was one happy camper.She even wore it to our knitting group that night so we could all cheer her on to the finish .
Sleeves were set in and 
seams were ready to sew.

Nothing left to do but knit a matching scarf for Christmas. Three cheers for you Cynthia you get the 
"I THINK I CAN" award for 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Bittyful Friday


Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the Holiday Season

Wow ! It's been very busy here the past few months. I keep trying to get back to my quiet little blogging world,but, things keep happening.

My 1930 home is being rewired just in time for Christmas and everything is currently in "another "room. It seems to be getting better..........or I'm getting use to it. I hope to be around more as the year comes to a close. Bitty does not like the workers one teeny bit. After searching for her, for what seemed like forever, I finally found her tucked into my husbands sock drawer. Seems in the dim morning light he hadn't noticed that she slipped in and,of course, he shut the drawer and she was stuck there for the day.Well no time for more stories right now but wanted to say "CHEERS AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all just in case I can't get back in time.