Friday, July 30, 2010

Just me, Bitty

Oh great, she's back from the grocery store.
Nothing beats curling up in a bag filled with the aroma of fresh shopping. I'm all over that.
Have a great week people.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday night S&B

Wow,I didn't realize I had been a little lacks in reporting on my S&B girls. We are still at it every Tuesday night. Donna is giving Valentine a few pointers while Becky is giving crocheted flowers a go. She was here visiting her Mom all the way from California. Her mom got her a crochet hook to practice but it was a size 10 just a bit large to make those delicate petals. She was a trooper about it and we had a few laughs about it to boot.
Now this is Cindy S's latest undertaking.It's a gorgeous baby sweater done in size 12mo. Check out the cables and seed stitches. Baby hasn't arrived yet so she chose this fun turquoise color that can be boy or girl. The shoulders tie with buttons and depending on the gender she will chose the buttons accordingly. Great job Cindy. She is really a perfectionist and has a new project going every week. I on the other hand have been knitting the same thing for about a month now.

Michelle has started this vintage sweater for herself. I believe it's called drift, you can see it here
She chose a heathered denim that borders on lavender.Quite gorgeous. The pattern is a free download and I haven't heard any rumblings about errors in the instructions so I'd say go for it.
I believe she is looking for vintage buttons to complete the look.

And now for Betty.She hates doing the same project week after week.
So, a few weeks ago she found something new to try. This is called Zentangles
It's a form of relaxation done by repeating a pattern in various sizes till your page is complete. Rather then fill the page with her drawings she has chosen to fill in the blanks with her daily activities. I guess you could call it a zen-journal. Pretty neat right. I wonder what she'll show me tonight. We have to be on our best behavior Cynthiaaaaaaa is bringing another visitor from Cali-for-nia. Should be a hoot...............................said the hobbit

Friday, July 23, 2010 soon?

This week just flew by. Weather is much more to my liking, feel a nap coming on. Have a great weekend .Hobbit will have new projects to show next week. busy with the jams and jelly today.

Friday, July 16, 2010

FRIDAY,how bittyful is that?

Have you heard,we are having record high temperatures in New England. Would you believe the hobbit doesn't have air conditioning. I bet she'd change her mind if she had to wear this fur coat. I don't even have the strenght to lift my head.
I guess I'll just have to dream of cooler things. This is a stones throw from daughter #1's home.
If only I dared to jump in.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the farm

Things on the farm are in full swing and all my dirt divas are working 24-7. Of course this means I'm starting to get a little backed up on posting. Produce from the garden include our own radishes that look like strawberries. I know, only a country bumpkin get excited about radishes right?

And then there were peas, more peas than we have seen in a long time. Every year people are lined up at the door, before we even open, just waiting to get the fresh picked peas.Fear mounts as the line grows and we usually know someone "aint gonna get them peas",but, this year was different. I actually saw 12 bushels of peas come in the barn at one time. Leftover peas were shucked and frozen for the cooks to use.That would be me. Excitement !!

Here is one of my favorites, the beet. Although I love my little camera it doesn't always capture certain colors like I want it to. The greens in these photos looks a little drab compared to the real thing. Those beet greens are most edible.

Now for the curse of summer farming.
We have to mash our trash and have it carted away in this city. Yes we are actually in a city.We are between a bay and the downtown area and because we have been there since 1632 we are where we are. The city has grown to the west of us and we have to abide by their rules of sanitation.So this is Amie, one of our managers, doing the nasty task of moving the trash along in the compacter.

She has this long pole to help things along when something gets stuck. Amie is new to the barn this year and what a find she has been.Creative innovative and a true artist. Check out what she does in her free time by clicking here. You already know how I feel about Pysanky eggs, well hers are pretty darn special. Amie is a great addition at the barn. I love her best because she is shorter than I am. See, she's standing on a chair to see inside the dumpster..........said the hobbit.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a Bittyful day

Here I sit on my little windowsill. I'm not allowed out yet so, I have to amuse myself anyway I can.
Outside my window I've been watching this graceful creature make a home and now he's just sitting there watching 3 little eggs. We have eggs in the fridge,perhaps I should go and stare at them awhile and see what the big deal is.
Although we haven't been properly introduce ,I know I'd love him to death, if only we could meet.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

And now for the secret

It seems like just yesterday,we were out picking strawberries and I told you I would share a secret recipe with you. However, I forgot that we had a Holiday (the 4th) which was a 4 day event this year. Once upon a time the 4th was one big day with parades and picnics and parties and even carnivals down at the fire station. That's how it was when I was younger. Things change and now we celebrate legal holidays on the Monday following the actual holiday so that we might have a long weekend. It's all very confusing. Our fireworks are held on the 3rd so that bigger cities can have theirs on the 4th. Must be nice to be so specials. But wait this is all about the SECRET RECIPE.
Connie posted this on her blog a few weeks ago. It came at just the right time. Her family makes this instead of birthday cake and I have to say it gets my vote. After picking, hulling, jamming and drying strawberries all day,this recipe was EASY and a great reward for the pickers. I filled a pie plate with berries. In a small bowl beat till well blended,1 cup sour cream,6 oz of cream cheese and 2 tablespoons brown sugar. Spread on the berries like frosting.Sprinkle with a little
more brown sugar about 1/4 cup.Place under the broiler till sugar caramelizes. I don't have a broiler on my stove but, that didn't stop me.

My hubby sometimes uses a torch in his work. This one is called a blazer. I just couldn't imagine not giving this a try. Oh,I must say that was a good decision. We polished this off in minutes. It was a fine reward for a hard days work. She calls it strawberry creme brulee. Mmm I just called it scrumptious. Thanks Connie................................said the hobbit

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a Bittyful day

I have to do everything around here. Hobbit gave me this yarn and said I had to get socks done by today.Cheez what a slave driver.
First a little playtime then I'll get to work.

Phew!Now to pick the winner.It's Staci a new friend over at snippets and stash. Thank you all for playing. It was such fun I think I'll ask hobbit to do it again. Now lets see.......what should I make next?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And we're jamming

Now, this is heaven. Row upon row of beautiful strawberries just waiting to come home with us.
This is Sarah just having a grand old time.
We couldn't have ordered a more beautiful day to be outside. This was about 7:30 am. I'd say you have to be pretty happy to smile like that at the crack of dawn. For my local people, the picking was done at Butternut Farm.When we got there,they also had cherries and raspberries. It was very tempting to pick them also,however, one can only do so much preserving in a day.Hopefully I can get back before the season is over.
We picked 24 POUNDS of berries.Notice the empty containers. No, they didn't run out of berries. We just came to our senses in time to realize we had enough to keep us busy all day.

We made 3 different jams. Plain strawberry,strawberry rhubarb and strawberry balsamic. We froze 3 trays and we gave drying a try. Oh, we also kept some fresh to eat and made a great dessert called Strawberry creme brulee.I'll tell you all about it next time. Next on the list are peas and raspberries. I can hardly wait..........................said the hobbit