Thursday, July 1, 2010

And we're jamming

Now, this is heaven. Row upon row of beautiful strawberries just waiting to come home with us.
This is Sarah just having a grand old time.
We couldn't have ordered a more beautiful day to be outside. This was about 7:30 am. I'd say you have to be pretty happy to smile like that at the crack of dawn. For my local people, the picking was done at Butternut Farm.When we got there,they also had cherries and raspberries. It was very tempting to pick them also,however, one can only do so much preserving in a day.Hopefully I can get back before the season is over.
We picked 24 POUNDS of berries.Notice the empty containers. No, they didn't run out of berries. We just came to our senses in time to realize we had enough to keep us busy all day.

We made 3 different jams. Plain strawberry,strawberry rhubarb and strawberry balsamic. We froze 3 trays and we gave drying a try. Oh, we also kept some fresh to eat and made a great dessert called Strawberry creme brulee.I'll tell you all about it next time. Next on the list are peas and raspberries. I can hardly wait..........................said the hobbit


Margaret said...

I adore strawberry jam but sadly I don't think there are any u-pick farms in my area...

Connie said...

You certainly did have a wonderful harvest of berries! Oh dear, my husband brought home 2 flats of berries when I wasn't planning on them. Today is full again - so that means making jam tomorrow. Wrong plans. Actually, it is the raspberries which will go into jam. The strawberries we will eat.

I love her bright red dress against the background of green.

pam said...

Wish i had a Star Trek transporter! i would so love to have joined you tow in the strawberry fields! The kitchen too!