Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday night S&B

Wow,I didn't realize I had been a little lacks in reporting on my S&B girls. We are still at it every Tuesday night. Donna is giving Valentine a few pointers while Becky is giving crocheted flowers a go. She was here visiting her Mom all the way from California. Her mom got her a crochet hook to practice but it was a size 10 just a bit large to make those delicate petals. She was a trooper about it and we had a few laughs about it to boot.
Now this is Cindy S's latest undertaking.It's a gorgeous baby sweater done in size 12mo. Check out the cables and seed stitches. Baby hasn't arrived yet so she chose this fun turquoise color that can be boy or girl. The shoulders tie with buttons and depending on the gender she will chose the buttons accordingly. Great job Cindy. She is really a perfectionist and has a new project going every week. I on the other hand have been knitting the same thing for about a month now.

Michelle has started this vintage sweater for herself. I believe it's called drift, you can see it here
She chose a heathered denim that borders on lavender.Quite gorgeous. The pattern is a free download and I haven't heard any rumblings about errors in the instructions so I'd say go for it.
I believe she is looking for vintage buttons to complete the look.

And now for Betty.She hates doing the same project week after week.
So, a few weeks ago she found something new to try. This is called Zentangles
It's a form of relaxation done by repeating a pattern in various sizes till your page is complete. Rather then fill the page with her drawings she has chosen to fill in the blanks with her daily activities. I guess you could call it a zen-journal. Pretty neat right. I wonder what she'll show me tonight. We have to be on our best behavior Cynthiaaaaaaa is bringing another visitor from Cali-for-nia. Should be a hoot...............................said the hobbit

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Some really nice work here.