Thursday, July 8, 2010

And now for the secret

It seems like just yesterday,we were out picking strawberries and I told you I would share a secret recipe with you. However, I forgot that we had a Holiday (the 4th) which was a 4 day event this year. Once upon a time the 4th was one big day with parades and picnics and parties and even carnivals down at the fire station. That's how it was when I was younger. Things change and now we celebrate legal holidays on the Monday following the actual holiday so that we might have a long weekend. It's all very confusing. Our fireworks are held on the 3rd so that bigger cities can have theirs on the 4th. Must be nice to be so specials. But wait this is all about the SECRET RECIPE.
Connie posted this on her blog a few weeks ago. It came at just the right time. Her family makes this instead of birthday cake and I have to say it gets my vote. After picking, hulling, jamming and drying strawberries all day,this recipe was EASY and a great reward for the pickers. I filled a pie plate with berries. In a small bowl beat till well blended,1 cup sour cream,6 oz of cream cheese and 2 tablespoons brown sugar. Spread on the berries like frosting.Sprinkle with a little
more brown sugar about 1/4 cup.Place under the broiler till sugar caramelizes. I don't have a broiler on my stove but, that didn't stop me.

My hubby sometimes uses a torch in his work. This one is called a blazer. I just couldn't imagine not giving this a try. Oh,I must say that was a good decision. We polished this off in minutes. It was a fine reward for a hard days work. She calls it strawberry creme brulee. Mmm I just called it scrumptious. Thanks Connie................................said the hobbit

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Connie said...

You did great with the post and the pics are super. My daughter gave me a little torch - so fun to use and keeps the strawberries from getting warm - that is a plus.

Right now I am eating a low-fat version of the same dessert: a small bowl of fresh strawberries, a couple dollops of plain yogurt drizzled with pure maple syrup.