Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the farm

Things on the farm are in full swing and all my dirt divas are working 24-7. Of course this means I'm starting to get a little backed up on posting. Produce from the garden include our own radishes that look like strawberries. I know, only a country bumpkin get excited about radishes right?

And then there were peas, more peas than we have seen in a long time. Every year people are lined up at the door, before we even open, just waiting to get the fresh picked peas.Fear mounts as the line grows and we usually know someone "aint gonna get them peas",but, this year was different. I actually saw 12 bushels of peas come in the barn at one time. Leftover peas were shucked and frozen for the cooks to use.That would be me. Excitement !!

Here is one of my favorites, the beet. Although I love my little camera it doesn't always capture certain colors like I want it to. The greens in these photos looks a little drab compared to the real thing. Those beet greens are most edible.

Now for the curse of summer farming.
We have to mash our trash and have it carted away in this city. Yes we are actually in a city.We are between a bay and the downtown area and because we have been there since 1632 we are where we are. The city has grown to the west of us and we have to abide by their rules of sanitation.So this is Amie, one of our managers, doing the nasty task of moving the trash along in the compacter.

She has this long pole to help things along when something gets stuck. Amie is new to the barn this year and what a find she has been.Creative innovative and a true artist. Check out what she does in her free time by clicking here. You already know how I feel about Pysanky eggs, well hers are pretty darn special. Amie is a great addition at the barn. I love her best because she is shorter than I am. See, she's standing on a chair to see inside the dumpster..........said the hobbit.


Connie said...

I think the radishes are as beautiful as cherries! Fresh garden peas - no wonder you seldom have any left - life doesn't get much better. I have never had beet greens, but love those fresh beets!

Your new friend is also very talented - wouldn't have seen the chair if you had not pointed it out.

What a great summer you are having.

Margaret said...

The veggies look devine and if I was the cook I too would be excited. Love Amie's crafts, she is indeed very talented. Now pray short are you both? I'm on the tall side, 6'.

pam said...

Peas and beet greens - two of my favorite veggies!

Fresh green English peas bring back instant memories of my great grandmother - I will never forget eating fresh peas from her garden.

I literally had to learn to make country borscht so I had a way to use up all the beets I had accumulated after eating the greens. So yummy with bacon and onion. I can never get enough!

Amie is so skilled with her felting and her Pysanky are just beautiful. I am sure she feels as lucky to be a part of your "family" as you feel to have her.

Jeannette said...

Those garden veggies look delicious! We planted our garden a month late. I'm just starting to get cherry tomatoes :) It's neat to see picture at the barn :)