Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finding Cambridge

At last I'm back. It's been such a hectic week, with no end in sight. I thought it best to just forge ahead and post the best I could ,so, If I seem to be rambling, give me a break will ya. When I last spoke to you we were leaving Massart. Betty was in a state of shock and needed some familiar sights. She thought a walk thru Cambridge would soothe her soul. We were willing to go anywhere just point us in the right direction. So Betty called husband Bob and told him where we were. After getting off the phone she informed us of his directions. Find a bridge and cross it, you should be able to find Cambridge from there. So off we went to find a bridge. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are many bridges in Boston. Hard as this may be to believe it worked out perfectly, althought Betty often told me to get in the left lane and then after recognizing some shop or intersection whe'd have me make a right turn. But, lo and behold we found Cambridge and that was easy compared to finding a place to park. We rode around about 20 min making circles into residential areas, checking out lovely homes till finally we found a parking lot behind Barnes & Noble. I was so excited that when I got to the gate I pushed the button for my ticket and a gentleman asked "can I help you" I informed him I wanted to park my car and he informed me I was pushing the emergency call button would I please try the green button.Oops!! Car finally parked we put our walking shoes on and hit the pavement .

We managed to find a great little bakery with biscotti like I never had before,some contained blueberries and ginger and I just could not pass them up. I wish I had written down the name but, being new to this blogging thing it's a detail I forget .Oh well I guess I'm a work in progress. We finally hit paydirt for Betty when we spotted a shop called Papersource
Being a scrapbooker she was in heaven. The place was filled with ideas for memory books which Betty is a wiz at. I am at a total lost in this field. My mind just goes blank and I can't think of a thing to do.

Betty had me take a picture of this memory book to give me something visual to work with. I don't think it's going to help .I can't remember for the life of me what it was about. So off we went to find food and a restroom. I don't think peeing is allowed in Cambridge. We tried 2 restaurants before we found one that had a public restroom,however,that one had no seating available so after doing what we had to do off we went to the first restaurant. Soon we were back at our vehicle ready to go home when I spotted a small sign that read parking for customers only have ticket validated in mall. Oh oh here we go again. I went into the mall spoke with a security guard who found my adventures quite amusing and informed me our parking ticket would be $1

I gave it to him in quarters and made my escape. Soon we were back in N.H. having been gone a total of 12 hours bringing our first adventure to a close.Next stop Portland or maybe the South end open market. Of course that's in Boston.Dare we try again ............said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

The bakery's name was "Mariposa." I remember because I thought it was sweet that there was a bakery called butterfly in Spanish!

S'mee said...

LOVE Papersource! What a fun trip! I felt like I was along with you -too fun!

I'm always so glad to read your blog, so glad I found you (via Geek+Nerd!).