Tuesday, March 25, 2008

good day--bad day

, Yesterday started on a great note. I had seen my mom,she was well so what more could I ask for. Shortly after writing my post, the phone rang and I received a message that she had another heart attack. The problem is that she refuses to be transported to the hospital. She is in rehab for a broken pelvis, is totally healed, but, has the ok from medicare to stay up to 120 days. You have to know that the rehab center is going to take full payment from medicare. Her only wish now is to die at home in her own bed, just like her parents did. Don't get me wrong, she is not drawing her last breathe, she thinks the system is squeezing all they can out of her existence and if she goes to the hospital and comes back to rehab they have her for another 120 days. She believes she is in a catch 22 and I have to agree with her. Say a prayer for her I swear the woman has never asked for anything in her lifeexcept for perfect children and that of course did not happen. So maybe just this one little thing.
The picture is one of my lifes little pleasures.When I need a lift I make sunshine soup. Just looking at it makes me feel better. It's pretty easy and makes great use of those lingering carrots in the fridge.
I use..1lb of carrots
2 diced onions
2-4 minced garlic
1.5 liters of chicken broth
juice of 1 orange + zest

Saute first 3 ing. in evoo [olive oil] till tender add broth and simmer 25 min. puree about 2/3 of the soup retun to pan add orange juice and zest and heat thru.
I know oranges aren't local to my area but, everyone needs to spoil themselves now and then,anyway it was grade 2 at work and I got to take it home for free so goody for me.
Tonight is stitch& bitch and my friend nanacupatea was suppose to come back after recuperating from a recent surgery but yesterday I was told she would't be coming because she was having gall bladder surgery this morning. A little prayer for her too please......I'm heading out into the big world now, hope I can come back with something positive to report.............said the hobbit

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