Thursday, March 6, 2008


I see the light outside my window.What can it be ?I remember now,it's the sun.Yes,yes,yes[as in Harry met Sally]sun at last.I know I'm just a little giddy today.It's been so long since we had such a beautiful day that I'm a little off the deep end.
I started tea towel #2 ,so,I'll soon have a complete set.Also I've got my material ready for the second set ready to fly.Designs are on paper for the dish towels I need to double check and make sure I'm not infringing on anyone with my choice of words.The pantry is still in the same stage,but,I have changed the colors.That's the best part about doing a project in your head. Change is so easy.
I have a friend who is out of town this weekend so I'm taking care of her birds.These are outside birds not the kind that live in a cage.I always have to chuckle a little when I hear her say "her birds".I'm afraid I'm the type that just let's them fend for themselves.I do grow rose hissip that they are welcome to eat whenever they wish.I have 2 sets of cardinals that have claimed this area as their own so all others keep out.
Well times a wasting it's almost 10 am and I must get out in this sunshine and find me an adventure.Till then I remain the Hobbit.

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