Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not all crafts include yarn

So many things in my home need to be repaired or replaced..........So the plan is try to repair and if not possible ..........give it the old heave ho.These 2 chairs are on the list. The music chair was passed down to my husband from a great aunt. Someone had made a seat cover out of a beach towel (no cutting done) and needless to say it was bumpy at best. All the rungs needed to be re glued. This orange chair was once white.I had my grandson paint it thinking it would make a great front porch chair. That didn't work out. It looked hideous,but,it is such a sturdy chair I thought it deserved one more shot.

First was to get all the rungs back in place. I tied the legs and gave strict instructions that no one was to sit on it for at least 24 hours.

Next was a coat of hunter green seems to be my fallback color. You know how some people. chose white or beige. I always have a can of colonial hunter green hanging around.

I thought the chair looked much better but, a little bland so............I borrowed a little gold paint from daughter Sarah. She had recently painted some pots to dress up her front porch.You can check out her project HERE It was just the right touch.

 Back to Hubby's chair...............The seat was so wonky that I assumed someone had just taken a piece of wood wrapped it with foam and stuck that god awful towel on it It had been secured with a single screw.Imagine my surprise when I discovered a gorgeous piece of beech wood with beveled edges!! I made a new padding to fit, got a fabric that would appeal to hubby and bought new screws to put it all together.

This fabric was not my first choice but, the chair belongs to my husband and if I had chosen something more in line with the back of the chair he would have thought it too girly.So here they are ........2 chairs that are now of use. The project cost about $10 and I have plenty of wood cement to work on a few more projects.At this rate my plan to get rid of things needs a little work ...............said the hobbit


Connie said...

You saved those two chairs in style! Great job, and you certainly can not get rid of them now.

The Hobbit said...

Looks like I need to go to the attic to find something to throw out. My new motto is "upward and out"!!!