Tuesday, October 16, 2012

from the pantry

Corn season is quickly coming to an end............so sad. I've purchased extra for winter chowdah.
A quick 4 minutes in boiling water and an icy bath. Take the kernels off the cob.
Pack in 1 or 2 cup servings and place in a freezer bag.
Don't forget to save the cobs ........lots of flavor and vitamins left in there. I've been known to toss one in my veggie broth.  Put a cob in with your potatoes when you plan on mashing them to top a casserole and your "people" will be stumped as to what that great flavor is.Do you have any secrets to share.......said the hobbit?


Connie said...

Nope - no secrets here. I am not a natural cook. I cook to survive. I copy everything. My cooking is boring. Never would have thought to do this little trick.

Are you following all this genetically engineered information concerning corn, wheat, and now alfalfa? If so, what are your thoughts?

The Hobbit said...

I have been following this for several years now. Monsanto owns 95% of the seeds in the WORLD. Unless your seeds say heirloom chances are that the seeds have been geneticly altered by this company and chemicals have been added to the seed to make it "pest free" which is more harmful to human life than normal. This is still being monitored but, just as radiation was a "miracle" for the previous generation,we soon found out that it also had side effects. Our child ren's children will probably wonder why we didn't stop this sooner. For now I try to grow heirloom or buy from small farmers who don't have the ability to do mass spraying and are still using local compost to feed the soil.This is just my opinion :)

Connie said...

Thank you. I am becoming a cynic and do not like that. I am beginning to feel like the Food and Drug Administration is more our enemy than our protectorate.I am beginning to feel that the pharmaceutical companies have become our enemy as well - looking out for the almighty dollar, not what is really right or wrong. I hear of a lot of diseases we have today that did not exit years ago, (I am a retired RN)and I am beginning to point my finger at altered food and all the required immunizations. At this point I have more questions than answers. I want definitive answers and I do not think I will get them from the medical profession or the government. At this point I am just a frustrated grand-mother!

PS I will be gone for a week - finally get to see my new grand-daughter who is already 3 months old.