Monday, October 1, 2012

What's the family been up to?

Summer has come to an end and everyone is getting ready to hunker down for the winter. So here's the family summertime news. Yes hubby is still working in the lab. That's how you stay young,eh. A fair amount of golf has been played but, the plan  is to get one more day (a week) in for next year.
Number one daughter, as she likes to say, has a new puppy STEEVE, you can read all about him HERE Even with a puppy you tend to forget how much work it was.
Son #2 is living the good life in Michigan,and is officially a cheesehead. We love him and miss him regardless of his new look. Should you take the train from Milwaukee to Chicago give a "hey"to the engineer........that would be him!

Our baby  turned "Dirty Thirty" as she likes to call it but, she still managed to set a beautiful outdoor table for the celebration.

Somehow I don't think she looks all that upset about the whole thing. A peek into her life can be found HERE
Oldest son Thom has 2 little ones to keep him busy.........need I say more?
MEET AARON also known as Mr Indelpendent

AND COTTRELL Miss I want it all and I want it now.......and she looks so sweet ,right? I know a little more hair might be needed,she's working on it honest !

Grand daughter Cayla got married Sept 24th 2011....... almost lost her sweetie to a virus that settled in his heart.......has had to adapt to a whole new way of doing groceries and has now adopted JACK ....just look at that face. She tells me he's a handful...............Really?  Happy anniversary Cayla and Scott. After last year I hope you have a low key boring 2nd year.

Of course I'm still knitting and b.........,you know what I mean.............all in all I have to say that life is good................said the hobbit


Renee Pike said...

I'm the favorite. just sayin. and i love this post!

The Hobbit said...

AAAWWW thanks Renee!!

Connie said...

Enjoyed the post about your family. What a wonderful group of very special people.

The Hobbit said...

They are the best Connie. They make my live VERY interesting.

Mrs V said...

I'm totally the favorite! The low key, boring 2nd year of marriage isn't really panning out that way ;-)

The Hobbit said...

Life is what you make Mrs. V. Never think boring....always go for "most interesting"