Thursday, February 21, 2008

How time flies

I can,t believe it's been a week since we last spoke. I posted on Valentine Day thinking all was going well,but surprise all went crazy right after we spoke.Due to previous commitments I was alone at the Barn that afternoon.Well it seems everyone wanted to bring home dinner,or at least a dessert,for their sweety.Yah,I was swamped.Fortunately Mich,[one of my stitch&bitch people]was able to hop on over and lend me a hand.Then I came home to discover that hubby who rarely pays attention to holidays had ordered a special pajama-gram for me.This made me look a little lame having nothing to give back AS WE HAD AGREED!!!!!When I explained,to a friend,what he had done.She thought someone had sung a love song in pajamas.Not quite.That is an amusing thought.A company in VT.sends out beautifully packaged jammies to your "amour de choix" Knowing me as he does he wisely choose the flannel jammies with the skuffy slippers.Also in the box was a bright red terrycloth bathrobe.While modeling it my son asked me to turnaround so he could see if it said Boston Red Sox on the back.So,even after all these years he still is able to surprise me.Oh, and a snow/rain storm had partially flooded the cellar,That was fun.
My meeting with Wendy from Lasting Legacy Farm was canceled due to the snow/sleet/rain storm.I was able to talk to her on the phone and we will be going ahead with plans to purchase beef from them.It seemed so right to be speaking to the person that will be raising your food.By the time I got off the phone I felt I had a new friend,and,I look forward to meeting her in person.
In the craft department I've been working on corn cozies.These are similar to hot water bottles but,you make them using polar fleece and fill them with cow feed corn.Pop them in the microwave for 1 to 2 min.and you have a warm pillow ready to soothe those achy muscles.I know what your asking.The corn does not pop.It's feed corn not pop corn.Although a stray one may pop occasionally the "heating pad" should last about a year even with constant use.As it gets older it may require a few more seconds to heat-up but that's about it.Also working on some tea towels but,not happy with how thats turning out, I've taken it apart 4 times.It's coming.
For those of you who think spring will never come,I have to tell you the field crew[at work] is currently transplanting the geranium and pansy seedlings to larger pots.I'm still debating what to put in my garden.I think I'd better get going on that.That would be my personal garden not the one at work.They plant 85 acres and I'm pretty sure they know what they are planting.I do have a young man from llfarms who will be coming to turn my soil for me.It hasn't been done in a while so they suggested we do it twice with furtilizing in between.
So much more to say. I will try to get back soon with the rest of the poop.Off to the real world with head held high I remain ----------THE HOBBIT

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