Sunday, February 3, 2008

Moving right along

Ok,I made it thru one month of blogging .January was kind of crazy but, we got to the end of it with nery a scratch. The journal is practically writing itself. Yeah,right.Truthfully it's a struggle
but I'm hanging in there.
Mom is doing fine,Thank you for asking.She is a fiesty old lady who questions everything.They tried to give her pills in her applesauce.She quickly spotted the meds and asked the nurse."What do you think I'm blind or something?" I guess they will have to work on some new tricks for this lady.She is thinking of going back to her apartment after rehab.She doesn't think she can make it on what they feed her at this center.I'll let you know how that battle works out.I'm sure the rehab center will be saying that phrase that we all know so well.Yes ma'am,Whatever you wish ma'am.I just love watching someone else wear that shoe.You gotta love her.
The spaghetti dinner had some serious issues.For one it snowed all day.Six people managed to make it here and we had a great time. The soup was a success.No the hubby did not make it.We plan on giving him another chance to wear a chef hat in the future.There will be another dinner in 5 to 6 weeks.(We hope)
Feb will be crafts,planning the garden,ordering the meat,building some shelving and trying to save energy. So when next we meet I'll talk about the crafts.
Your friend,THEHOBBIT

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