Monday, April 21, 2008

I remember mama

Recently I had the opportunity to introduce you to Mom. Our friendship was long in the making. For many years I thought we just weren't on the same wave lenght. Neither one of us would ever admit that the other one might be right,or so it seemed,It's all a little foggy and totally unimportant right now.

She was born Jan. 8th 1917 in Manchester,N.H. She was the oldest of 10 children 8 lived to adulthood. By the time she was 13 the Depression came along and cut her education short.

She went to work in a factory to help the family survive the difficult task of having food on the table and a roof over their heads. My mother was proud to be able to help and never felt cheated out of furthering her education. The phrase "there are people out there worst off than you" was often heard in our home. Of course we thought the same as she made every effort to make our life a memorable one. That attitude definitely set the pace for our family. Her life had more sorrows and heartache than I can list yet she saw it all in a brighter light. It was all part of Gods plan and she trusted Him completely. Just do your best everyday,love your neighbor and He would take care of the rest. Only in the last 4 years did she scold Him because she felt she had done everything expected of her and He seemed to not notice that she was ready for her final reward. I now know what He was up to. He was giving me time to see her in a different light and learn to love her as a true friend and mother.

The journey is now at an end,the plan complete. She past away April 21,2008 at 3 am. She is at peace and I will miss her dearly. I thank God for the opportunity to discover that I am my mothers daughter and so proud of it.................................said the Hobbit


SisterDG said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! How lovely that you were able to find a strong relationship with your mother, and had some time to enjoy it. I hope that brings you peace in the weeks ahead. I'm sending you and your family my good thoughts.

GenerallyGemma said...

I am so sorry. Losing a parent is such a difficult thing. I'm sending hugs to you, Sarah and your family and thinking of you all.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi.. My heart is with you as losing my mother was the turning point in my life..
I hope you can find comfort and peace in knowing that she lives on in you and all that you do..