Sunday, April 27, 2008

Closing up

The week has finally come to an end. Mom's sevices were just as she had planned them, and, everything went as well as possible. After the graveside prayers everyone was invited to a luncheon. For a women of 91 I think the number of people who came was quite large .We had about 60 people come to the lunch. Most had stories of visiting our farm and fond memories of my mother. All made me promise to keep in touch. I truly want to do this but, I hope it is not all up to me to keep the circle going. It's not my best quality. Have any of you had this responsibility put upon you? I think I need some time to work on that.
Big brother and I invited everyone at the luncheon to come by the apartment and take anything they would like as a reminder of our mum. Some people could not bring themselves to do this. Some were grateful for the offer. Mum had given us everything that was precious to our family history long before so, we were happy to let everything else go to someone else. Mom lived in elderly housing so before we went home we left a key with a neighbor and told her mum would be glad if she and the others would take what they wanted or needed. Big brother and I went back today to clean up. There was nothing to do.Five of the ladies got together and clean everthing,removed old clothing, cleaned the fridge threw out all those lille things that memeres tend to save. It was wonderful all we had to do was have a nice lunch together. Big brother his wife and daughter and I had a great visit and then went on our way. The little memeres had done all the work.Well, I guess I'll sign off for now, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life and I need to be ready.....................said the Hobbit


S'mee said...

This and the previous posts have been beautiful and a wonderful tribute to a great mom. Thank you for that.

Life is a school. We live our days faced with choices that will help us pass or fail and try again another day or time until we 'get it'. Test and pass, test and pass. Eventually, in school, we progress from level to level and eventually graduate to higher learning. Such is life.

So it is with your dear mother. She passed. She has finally graduated and passed her test well. She now goes on to Higher Learning with the Professor and Creator. Good for her! Well done! Happy Graduation day dear one, you've worked hard and now you fly.

little cousin said...

Of course getting everyone together should not be left up to only you, let me know when and I'll help.

Dana Jones said...

How kind of your mother's neighbors to clean her apartment for you, and for her, as a last act of kindness. God bless you during your grief with more acts of kindness like that.