Friday, April 18, 2008

home at last

Finally ,things are back on track.Notice I didn't say back to normal.Mom is in her apartment sipping a cup of tea in her very own chair by her large windows.I can't tell you how happy she is .She looks pretty good considering she had just been thru the long ordeal of coming home. She has been in rehab for almost 3 months and was bound and determined she would not take her last breath there.I stayed with her till bedtime that first night,called her the next morning to make sure everything was OK. She answered her phone told me she was still tired but doing well. She is somewhat deaf and our conversations don't always go as well as expected.After many attempts she finally understood that I would be there on Sundays and Wednesdays. I hope this works out.It's an hour and 15 min drive one way and with the help of some loving relatives and the visiting nurses I think we can have the week pretty well covered.

Hope to talk to you all tomorrow you won't believe what I saw in my driveway.Pictures to follow..................said the Hobbit

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S'mee said...

Hello Hobbit! New here, thanks to your darling daughter. I have gone back and read all the previous posts s that I am caught up...fabulous blog!

I have read g+n for a very long time, like I said dd is adorable, and I love to read how a 20+ lives her life. Now I can read about her lovely mom! whoot!

I love the tea towels and the food pics are terrific.

see you soon!