Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Do you try to shop local? I take so long to make a purchase that I usually talk myself out of making a purchase.Last winter I felt we really needed a new blanket for our bed and so the search began. I went to every bed and linen store in the area,only to find most of the blankets of poor quality or inferior fabric. As usual I was looking for something just as good as my mother would have purchased.
My search ended at the farmer's market..........That's right, while shopping for my potatoes, I came across Liz of RIVERSLEA FARMS and right there on the shelf was the perfect blanket just waiting for me. Not only was the quality exactly what I was looking for but, the wool comes from her sheep which is then woven in Prince Edward Island at the MAC AUSLAND'S Woollen Mills The blanket met all the qualifications I was looking for and then some.

Hubby was happy that I finally made a commitment to purchase, Lucky for us we had a mild winter last year. I finally bought my blanket at the end of February and it was a great buy. Liz told me it was machine washable and that I could lay it on the grass to dry. Don't know if the neighbors are quite ready for that.

Our knitter's are not slacking in the creativity area........check out this purse.It hangs around your neck so that your hands are free to shop, feel yarn, measure fabric. The sleeve goes up and down to reveal 2 pockets and a credit card sleeve.

If you think this might be just what you're looking for just contact my friend CYNTHIA and she'll let you know what she has available.

This last item was done by Cindi for her cruise trip.She wanted a lightweight bag just big enough to carry yarn and needles for sock making. Not wanting to carry scissors she found that little medallion that doubled as a thread cutter. It was perfect........light and compact. We all have craft bag that might make someone think we are bag ladies getting ready to leave home for a month or so. Both of my friends have reminded me to only carry what you need for your day. My back and shoulders really appreciate the lesson............said the hobbit


Connie said...

All three of these are wonderful items. The blanket would be a treasure. I was thinking the other day of how terrible clothing is - the quality is depressing (to say nothing about the styles). I always carry a tiny purse; sometimes even I wonder why I do not have more worth carrying! The little yarn bag is sweet - great idea.

The Hobbit said...

Sometimes I think every day is an adventure Connie. I get so excited when I realize that there are great people out there still willing to do it the old fashioned way. This year has been one discovery after an other. I'm giddy with the thought of it.