Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Now what are my people up to?

Several years ago I decided to step up my interest in being self sufficient. Having a farmers heritage frugality was well ingrained in me. The children were all grown and doing their own things and the thought of spending my time creating whatever I needed was very tempting. Of course I soon discovered that some of my wants were totally unnecessary and that was the first step in my journey. Then in an effort to learn some new skills I met some amazing people.One of these people is the very talented Carol Caldwell. After a divorce she was looking for a hobby that would tap her creative juices and free her mind to move forward.Well.......she sure picked the right art for her talents and patience. She has chosen a loom reminiscent of the "old way",just like grandma would have done.She works her patterns in miniature before settling on the final design.She is still learning and excited about every new project. Just ask Carol,"How does this work" and be prepared for a lesson in weaves and warps that will have your head spinning.

This finished product is a towel or wall hanging. I say that because there is nothing that she likes better than to see her weaving used in the way they were intended.They are done in the finest cotton available to her and if you ever had to dry anything with today's dishcloths you know what I'm talking about.I am most fortunate to have found her on my journey. Occasionally she is in a local craft fair but, that is the extent of her marketing.When she has  "free" time you most likely will find her taking courses at our local college to keep her grey matter going.All I can say is AMAZING.

And here is one of my latest creations. Not nearly as impressive but an attempt at expanding my knowledge none the less.Here is what's different about these socks. For the knitters out there who hate creating a flap and then picking up stitches on either side this is perfect.Working on 32 stitches or half  of all the stitches on your needle work in short rows as follows: knit to last stitch and bring yarn forward as if you were going to purl.Pass the stitch onto your needle and turn your work to start a new row. So if you started with 32  your first row will be to knit to 31 your second row will be to knit to 30 wrapping the last stitch and starting a new row after each W&T (wrap and turn). When you have 8 stitches left unwrapped it is time to reverse the process. Now you will knit 8 and wrap next row knit 9 and wrap until all you are right back where you started. And that is exactly were you will be with your other stitches waiting for you to pick up where you left off. Just a matter of knitting your foot to desired lenght.

My next project will be a shawl. I've been checking out  patterns and I'm tempted by the one Betty has started. However this one from (click on ) CLARA  was something a mother should be only too proud to show and tell.......said the hobbit


Connie said...

Oh boy, some beautiful work here - all of it. Also loved the shawl your daughter made - so delicate, pretty, and intricate. You should be a proud Momma!

The Hobbit said...

Thank you Connie......Of course I am very proud of my girls,however,Clara is the daughter of a blog that I follow called pleasant view schoolhouse.....the whole family is constantly doing and doing...One of God special people for sure