Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Everyone has been making these adorable shawlettes. I have yet to get mine started but, soon, really soon.I swear it's on the list.Jane was the first to show a finished project.An earthy green with flecks of yellow and blue.
This past spring some of the girls went on a" yarn crawl".Don't you just love that name? I have visions of knitters dragging backpacks filled with knitting needles  crawling toward an Oasis that has yarn instead of water.........Many yarn shop create an irresistible journey to about 10 different venues where you are enticed with new yarns and patterns to make sure you never run out of ideas.Even if you are unable to go, your friends come back bubbling over with excitement about what they've seen and of course whatever you happen to be working on gets put aside because  you can't help but catch the fever. Hmmm ? Is that how we end up with all those UKP's? (unfinished knitting projects) Nawww

This is my sock queens completed sweater project.  Try as I might there are certain colors that do not photograph well at the coffee shop. However, more important is the quality of her stitches.On a sweater like this the smooth repetitive stitches stand out and she did an excellent job. Thanks Sharlene .......you shouldn't have I love it and will wear it often. Oh! Wasn't that for me?

Now for those of you with a tender spot in your heart
for Harry Potter I'm sure you will recognize this sweater. Cindi is currently making one for her daughter Rachel.Cynthia was quite taken with it and tried to get her to make a second for her daughter........The following week this was presented to her at our get-together. Not exactly what she had in mind,but,along with the mini sweater came the promise to help her through the making of her very own sweater. Cynthia has started and I must say she is well on her way You go girl............said the hobbit

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Connie said...

All the work here is beautiful. I feel sad I never learned how to knit, but other things are overwhelming me right now. I always enjoy the photos of all the projects.