Monday, July 9, 2012


We have 2 strawberry seasons in this area. Early and later.This year the first season was during a heat wave. Only the very brave wander into the field to do their own picking.I was one of the few. The 2 days that I chose to pick were both 95 degree days.But Lord how I wanted those berries.
If you have ever picked strawberries you know there is no shade in sight
A large hat and a strong back are definitely a plus.You do what you have to do............what can I say.
Ahh !A foodie like Moi thinks  the rewards are fantastic. I could not have been happier with my bounty. My current farm community is HERE
Once upon a time I worked this FARM and now it's just a children's story book.However my new farmer is known as cousin Dave and he is the real farmer in the Tuttle's family.Have you gone berry picking? This week raspberries and blueberries are ready. I hope I'm ready too.Phew, after all that hard work I had to go home,clean and freeze my berries and take a well earned nap.................said the hobbit

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Connie said...

Suddenly I remembered I had missed so many of your posts and I decided to spend a few moments checking them. I have been away for most of 2.5 weeks and am trying to catch up. Not sure that can happen.

It is berry time here as well. You are right, it is a hot job, then you come home and work hard. My husband loves fresh frozen raspberry jam so that usually takes us to the berry fields each year.