Sunday, November 8, 2009

South Carolina warms my heart

A few week ago, I was lucky enough to head down to South Carolina with my husband. We both had a little time off and that's where he wanted to go.I hesitated because it's a 20 hour drive (he won't fly) and I thought the vacation would be more exhausting than fun. He had his heart set on it so off we went to see long time friends who live just outside of Charleston.It was just what I needed.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed my friend's company.She is a true southern lady who opened her home to me and made my vacation one that I will cherish.This is her front porch and it just begs to be enjoyed.We sat out there with our glass of wine and rice cakes and brought each other up to date as best we could.I had not seen her in about 7 years. There was not awkward moment for either one of us. Just good times.

This is her dog Moxie. A beautiful golden and so well behaved. Of course her favorite thing to do is chase the ball and wrestle with Edisto.

This would be Edisto. She belongs to my friend's daughter and you are seeing her do her favorite thing. Yep just hanging out under the table is as much excitement as she likes.
Of course the vacation was way too short and as I was packing to leave, Moxie was putting her toys in my suitcase. We had a good laugh about that .Then as I brought my bags on the porch Edisto nudged me from behind. I turned to see her looking up at me with a pair of underpants in her mouth. I was a little embarrassed thinking I must have dropped them while packing,however ,I quickly realized they belonged to my friend.She wears a size 0 so their was no doubt about it.
I guess Moxie and Edisto thought we had such a great time that wherever I was going we should all be going there to. I am so grateful to my Jiggy (the hubby) for wanting to go there.It was a trip long overdue and now I can close my eyes and "In my mind I'm going to Carolina"........said the hobbit


S'mee said...

Thanks for taking us along! I feel so much better now!

Connie said...

You had such a wonderful time. So glad you were pampered!