Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So,what do you think?

Remember when I said I'd be right back to show you the rest of the project? Well as usual life got in the way. Not a problem,I'll just keep on as if it were yesterdays news.

These are the fingerless gloves I've been working on. I never seriously thought of selling my crafts ,but, I have been encouraged to do so in the past year,so I'm taking the plunge and giving it my best shot.My BFB(best friend Betty) is my cohort in this venture and so far we are still in the formative stage. I'm still working at the farm so finding time is still a problem, Betty is needed by her grandchildren. She is a true yaya.

So,tell me what you think? I found the pattern in Martha Stewarts' January 2009 Living magazine.Tweaked it here and there and came up with this. I will probably never tweet in my lifetime but,I can hardly look at something without wondering how I can make it different,more me.This sometimes gets me in trouble because people think I'm correcting or worst yet judging their work. Has that ever happened to you? Not a good thing.


I met with my daughter to show her my latest projects and this young girl was our waitress.She said "You're not going anywhere till I can purchase a pair of those gloves". Now that's the kind of thing a crafter likes to hear. Of course I didn't get her name but,I did promise to return with more gloves.

Another creation came when I was doing the winter scarf .

I just loved the clean finish lines on the scarf and thought it would be great on headbands.

I just couldn't stop myself .They really are fun to make.Well I guess I've rattled on enough ,time to go knit.........................said the hobbit


pam said...

First I just have to say that I love the fingerless gloves AND the headbands. Bravo you!

I also want to share that I too tend to have the same reaction every time I see a piece of art or a craft. I don't even ask the question how to make it another way - my mind just starts thinking that way. I think this process is called inspiration and you hopefully will love that you have this gift!

And for the record - I can't improve on your fingerless gloves or your headbands! They are perfect!

Margaret said...

Love, love, love the gloves, they are amazing.

Cheers Margaret

Connie said...

Oh wow! These are show stoppers! Yes, I would think they would sell, sell, sell.