Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving on

Well ,now that I've got that Tuttle business of my chest I'll be working at getting back to normal around here. So the barn is on the back burner for now and I promise not to mention it for at least 2 weeks.Well if something worthy of repeating happens You'll be the first to know.

Aaron was sharing his garden wisdom with me recently and suggested a fall garden. Have any of you ever done a fall garden? He gave me his best argument on the subject and It's under serious consideration.
I gave Nasturtiums a try this year,but with that ongoing battle with those 5 pesky groundhogs they were outnumbered. I don't usually do flowers I think of a garden in more of a what will I need this winter. As it turns out flowers are a great distraction to a struggling garden. So they will be allowed back in next spring.
I didn't think you could get too many cherry tomatoes,but,I seem to be getting close to crying uncle.
So we finally agreed to beets,kale ,more broccoli squash and another batch of basil. Of course Aaron informed me he'd be too busy with day-care to help with the work but would be more than willing to do the taste testing. Just give me a holla.....................said the hobbit


Connie said...

I was always so glad to be done with all my canning that I couldn't stand the thought of another garden!

I see what others do and some of it makes really good sense - a few more fresh veggies.

Of course, I would take flowers anytime!

pc said...

forget the tomatoes, I want to nibble that little guy!

oh, and as an aside: I got hacked, hacked big time and lost access to MANY files, so I am in the process of changing out all my ID,names, etc. I'm bummed. wah. so as soon as I have a technological awareness (don't hold your breath,lol) I will end up with new ID names, for right now,inside I'm still "s'mee" but signing off as the p in pb&j...

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, I would like to garden, but I kill everything!
well, except for tomatoes. They're going crazy!

Margaret said...

I still do not have one ripe tomato...hard to believe but this time last year I was serving fresh tomato salad at my son's wedding reception.